Rumour - PS4 launch title Driveclub delayed until 2014

*Treat this as 100% rumour for now, hopefully it will turn out to be false*

TSC has had word from an source within Sony that Sony’s upcoming PS4 launch title Driveclub is delayed until spring 2014. While no reason for the delay was given it has been reported previously that the game had looked a little unfinished when shown at various events this year.

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GarrusVakarian1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

"Treat this as 100% rumour for now"

I will. Even so, ive never been one to complain when a game gets delayed. The longer the stewing the better the flavour. Provided its not stewing for too long, lol.

black0o1519d ago

from the latest ad i can say #driveclub still a lunch title

GiggMan1519d ago

You can't go by that commercial really. Frankly I don't care as long as it's good and still free. :-)

gaffyh1519d ago

"We’ve had word from an anonymous source that Sony’s upcoming PS4 launch title Driveclub is delayed until spring 2014. "

The anonymous source being themselves. No-name site gets wind of a huge rumour? Extremely unlikely.

NewMonday1519d ago

as it stands it is an average racing game with great graphics, if they can improve the gameplay then they should.

Army_of_Darkness1519d ago


A lunch title eh?? Driveclub supreme sandwich! Sounds good enough to fill my stomach really fast! ;-)

Bigpappy1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Here is a little food for thought:

"an anonymous source" is a source that is NOT identified.

Wow, people in this tread don't seem to have all the screws in place.

majiebeast1519d ago

No name site that hasnt had a story above 100 heat, makes up bogus rumour about PS4 launch game.

DeadlyFire1519d ago

I think Sony is willing to take a hit and launch DriveClub as it currently stands even if it was slightly flawed and recommended by insider to delay it. Considering that it is so close to launch now. Its been advertised for PS+ at launch, Its been hyped since the PS4 debut.

Although honestly I can't say I have ever seen two or well more than 2 cars racing each other in Driveclub videos. I do worry about if it will be fun. Its free on PS+ though so should get a chance to sample it whenever its out. hmm...

I could see Sony giving everyone DriveClub PS+ edition at launch and releasing the final game later as a possibility. But I don't believe that just yet.

Eonjay1519d ago

This isn't very likely in my honest estimation.

robotgargoyle1519d ago

Ha! "Lunch title"! I prefer my racing at breakfast!

iamnsuperman1519d ago

The won't purely because it would mean the Xbox One instantly gets a market from the racing crowd. The would release it in a sh*t state just to stop that happening

Sono4211518d ago

an anonymous source with no reason given? ya i'll pass...

thechosenone1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Good news everyone! N4G is allowing annon rumor articles to return once again to N4G. So says our lord and savior to all my Sony ponies out there lets get to work.

Syntax-Error1518d ago

It wasn't as if anyone cared to begin with. Losing Watch Dogs to 2014 is more of a hit than this. If it's not a rumor it's 2 hits for PS4 since the only major launch title is Shadow Fall. If a console doesn't have more than 3 titles worth getting, why buy it at launch? Might as well wait.

Syntax-Error1518d ago

blackOo - That doesn't mean shit. XBL still has Watch Dogs on its dashboard as if it's coming out in a few weeks. The news hit today so no one has removed their promos yet.

Biggest1518d ago

What's cute about this is Bigpappy in here trying to clarify what an anonymous source is, while in a thread featuring a known source he chooses to dismiss the info immediately. I wonder if it has to do with the console featured...

LoTuZ1518d ago

If its a lunch title still then I hope it comes with extra cheese. But really, hopefully its not delayed!

Eonjay1518d ago

After doing more research, I concede that I MAY be wrong and this might be delayed. Lets wait for the verdict.

FamilyGuy1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

This rumor is probably one of the biggest "yeah right" moments of the year.

DriveClub is coming and it'll be leaving tire tracks all over this bs.

DriveClub will be getting consistent updates throughout the course of its life, there's no way they delay its release, they'll just keep updating stuff into it.

The BIGGEST sign of this being a false rumor was the recent deal of getting 3 free months of PS+ when you buy DriveClub. They wouldn't be advertising something like this if there were a chance it'd be delayed.

memots1518d ago

hmmm id like to have Driveclub for lunch. Yummy

yay1111518d ago

This. Is. Not. Twitter

MazzingerZ1518d ago

Don't care about that game, as long is it not KNACK grtting delayed I'm ok

lsujester1518d ago

I could see this game possibly needing to be delayed, but I doubt they will as it's been a hyped launch title since day one. However, I could see them doing something along the line of a gradual release. Since it's been relatively well known that the PS+ edition isn't the full game, I could see that they release it as is for free, then anyone who preordered or makes a purchase then gets all the extra tracks, vehicles, etc as they are released while the free edition stays the same.

nukeitall1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

At E3 Driveclub was said by the devs themselves only to be 40% finished. Meaning with 4-5 months left the game has 60% left to finish, and still runs at 30fps aiming for 60fps.

A game should be roughly 80% complete that far into the dev cycle, with optimization and bug fixes and so on especially on a launch title.

Is this a surprise that it will be delayed?

I thought the PS4 was easy to develop for, but Sony first party is having trouble too.

Gamer19821518d ago

If this goes back until spring Sony are in hot water of what to give away free with PS+ day 1 with PS4. Maybe full multiplayer of Killzone?

Irishguy951518d ago

What is the launch lineup for PS4? Seems to be dwindling now

otherZinc1518d ago

This can't happen,
PS4 is 50% more powerful than the XBOX ONE! Allegedly! Alleged by "Anonymous" sources!

PS4 is easier to program for, "Alleged" by "Anonymous" sources!

People are going nuts over a racing game that has shown nothing but "Ghost Cars" as AI opponents, with someones picture on the bumper, and think that crap is great...please! Then compare it to Forza 5, that has showroom cars as AI opponents or real human opponents as competition.! Please.

The game should be delayed.

sonarus1518d ago

extremely disappointing if true. I can't stress the extremely part enough. While there are still a number of multi platform games this knocks another title off the PS4 launch lineup. Rushing console releases ftl

ballsohard20131517d ago

how did that ad turn out bro?

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pyramidshead1519d ago

God this will be an interesting thread when this gets approved lol.

It's that oasis in the distance some users on here have been hoping for.....but is it mirage?

Would suck if this is delayed, definitely.

joefrost001518d ago

I find it funny how now anonymous is now a bad word
When it was used infront of developer says the ps4 is 50 percent more powerful
Nobody was questioning the validity of the word.anonymous
Lol classic sony guys

WarThunder1519d ago

"We’ve had word from an anonymous source that Sony’s upcoming PS4 launch title Driveclub is delayed until spring 2014. "

A no name gaming site says "We’ve had word from an anonymous source"

Where is the source?

Or this article is made up for hits.

sigfredod1519d ago

sure they aren't getting any hit from me, lol

Beastforlifenoob1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

They probably copied the watch dogs delay and changed it for driveclub rumour.

TheRacingX1518d ago

anonymous source = Aaron Greenberg and Albert Pernillo.....

... Sarcasm.....

DonFreezer1517d ago

They are getting hits from me.If this was the X1 you would all given them hits and pressed the for sure button.

ballsohard20131517d ago

LOL.... wow it was true after all?

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GTgamer1519d ago

Guys this is a Good thing as much as I'm sure this isn't true it will finally let evolution Studio give us an update on DriveClub which I'm dying for really looking forward to this game.

grailly1519d ago

I usually don't complain about delays, but on launch there aren't really other games to play while you wait, so it's kind of annoying.

vishmarx1519d ago

really hope not ...this really gonna hurt the launch lineup

GamerzElite1519d ago

Rumor only... next rumor is coming "PS4 delayed"... I can bet someone woking on PS4 delay article... lol

robotgargoyle1519d ago

Ha! "Woking"?! L PS4 delayed due to making delicious General Tso's chicken!

hellzsupernova1519d ago

The disks will be being made right now the game is done, games are usually finished a month out there is no way this is delayed

HugoDrax1519d ago

Is that so? We were also a month out from finally playing Watch Dogs, you see what happened there....

rainslacker1518d ago


Most games go gold 3-4 weeks before release. Sometimes sooner for bigger releases. This is why I speculate that Ubisoft knew about this delay for a while.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1517d ago

What's that you were saying? "No way this is delayed"

Ouch.. that's going to stain.

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escott0131519d ago

*cough* Diablo III *cough cough*

SharnOfTheDEAD1519d ago

I'm just counting down the hours until this gets shrugged off as more BS and I don't think it will be long. Way too many of these Anonymous Sources.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1518d ago

Read the title, and before I clicked already knew that the results would say doubtful.

If this was Ryse or Killer Instinct or something you know the "for sure" would be up there.

Too bad for fans of the game. I was sad when Kinect Sports Rivals was delayed.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1517d ago

Oh well look at that miD... IT WAS DELAYED!

Just like every single Sony fanboy in this article said that wasn't true.

Looks like the PS4 has no games for launch but KZ and a bunch of android games.

DA_SHREDDER1518d ago

We will still be playing it, hopefully they will just make it free to play? Then everyone will play it all day when they dont feel like they are being ripped off playing a dumbed down game.

360ICE1518d ago

Actually, delaying a game is usually not all that great, even though it's better than to release the game early of course. It means tat the game development has not proceeded as planned. Not good.

Anyway, this is more than a shock, it's a downright shame. That game looked splinter-free and polished since '93 and Hollished. Also known as: "I want it now".

Bleucrunch1518d ago

Based on that Lukas then you must have loved the taste out of the too human stew.

Tapewurm1518d ago

Hoping it is a rumor myself :)

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admiralvic1518d ago

Honestly... it would make absolutely no sense for it to be true.

You're talking about a game that was announced at E3 (I believe), to be the first PS Plus retail game on the PS4 being delayed OUT OF NOWHERE from a no name site. For this to even make sense, Sony would have to announce the delay, make it work, change whatever props / signage they did to not include Drive Club, change out the first retail Plus game or possibly not include one for the first month in the span of 1 month.

That is a lot to do and I find it impossible to believe Sony would piss people off like this after doing so well in the past months.

jatakk1518d ago

I'm not psychic, but I'm sure this "rumour" is 99% true. Prepared to eat my hat...

Mad Aizen1519d ago

I hope this isn't true, but won't be surprised if it is. As ambitious as it is and being a racing title, it needs to be as "polished" as possible upon release.

GiggMan1519d ago

I agree. If they can nail down those visuals and lighting with the coveted and elusive 60FPS, it would be awesome. And still Free!

ambientFLIER1518d ago

And still basically a barebones demo for PS members, versus the full retail release...

-Foxtrot1519d ago

So now they have to sort WatchDogs bundles and DriveClub ones aswell....come on

If you know it's not going to be finished then say so before it's nearly out

andibandit1518d ago

Gotta get those preorders in before delaying

joeyisback1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Wth noooooooo :-( dont be true