Killzone: Mercenary digital art book hits EU PSN as free download

El33tonline writes:

"Everybody loves free stuff and if you’re a fan of Killzone: Mercenary then you’ll love the latest free addition to the European PlayStation Store. From today fans of this PS Vita-exclusive first-person shooter can download a digital art book exploring the 'beauty behind the bullets' as the item’s official description reads."

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Cirehpsa988d ago

No it's probably because it's only in the EU store and not the NA store

GirlOnFire988d ago

I don't live in EU or have EU account. ^~^ I wish tho..

GentlemenRUs988d ago

"The page you requested is not available."

Here in the UK... Shafted?

enkeixpress988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

Same here. Looks like it's been taken off of there now, unlucky.

tom110584988d ago

yes, sadly it has since been removed. i checked out the app and it is pretty cool! hopefully they put it back online soon.