The mind behind Gran Turismo - What does he personally drive?

Ben Kuchera at ars technica writes..........

PlayStation 3 gamers have been given a first taste of the cars that will be available in Gran Turismo 5 courtesy of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, and the 70 cars included in the game are a diverse lot. Kazunori Yamauchi's love of cars shows through in everything he does, and as the CEO of Polyphony Digital, he sure has his pick of what to drive. This is why my ears pricked up when he described his own personal garage in the documentary "Beyond the Apex," included on the Prologue Blu-ray disc. So what does he drive?

* Nissan 350Z
* Honda S2000
* Mercedez SL55 AMG
* Porsche 911 GT3
* 2 Ford GTs

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JDW3893d ago

would be nice to have one....

Hulligan853893d ago

So you US GT5:P Players have Beyond The Apex?

Anyone Know if us lowly Europeans will be getting it?

ngg123453893d ago

That is like 700,000 $ worth of cars