ZTGD | The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith Review

Jae Lee writes: After the critical success of The Walking Dead season one, many were left wondering, “What’s next for Telltale Games?” While the seemingly inevitable sequel to The Walking Dead is fast approaching, Telltale releases a title based on the graphic novel series, “Fables” and shows just exactly how much they’ve improved on their craft since their last release.

What if the characters from the fairy tales we grew up with were all real? The big bad wolf, the three little pigs, humpty dumpty and more. What if they lived among us casting a veil over our eyes with elaborate magic while hiding in plain sight? That is precisely the case in the world of The Wolf Among Us. After what is referred to as the “Exodus” the Fables fled to New York and built themselves a place where they could call home.

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