Middle East games market "growing like crazy"

The Middle East and North African region has been a strong growth area for Peak Games
Peak Games

As the game industry continues to grow in the mobile and social media market, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have become one of the strongest growth regions. Publisher Peak Games is one of the leaders in the region, with 300,000 concurrent users (CCU) and 11.8M daily active users (DAU) across Turkey and MENA.

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NewMonday1647d ago

and it will go off the charts if consoles get Arabic and Farsi text support

BobBelcher1647d ago

keep the killing in the games and off the streets.

BobBelcher1647d ago

Didn't realize how hypersensitive people are to this comment, I apologize- being that this statement could be said about any region of the world that has excessive violence, I didn't realize how offensive this would be.

DeadlyFire1647d ago

I agree with Bob. Games relieve stress. Living in a dessert is stressful as hell. Its possible video games help keep some people away from violence.

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