PS4, Xbox One take "painful body blow" from Watch Dogs delay

Chris Morris looks at the ramifications of Ubisoft's last-minute delay of one of the hottest new IPs in the industry

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stellarock4201800d ago

i cant wait till spring this is going to be a grate game look at gta 5 it was delayed look how much it well its doing it was delayed for the same reason little details fine tuning watch dogs is going to sell just as well.sure the ones who pre ordered the ps4 bundle will have to swap out for something other then watch dogs but they will still get watch dogs when it comes out

Muerte24941800d ago

Let's hope the differences between now and the new release date are easily apparent. If not, they're going to have a hard time justifying the "polish" delay. I just don't like the fact that they're trying to compete with Bungie's Destiny.

Mad Aizen1800d ago

I was never BLOWN AWAY by WD's anyway so it doesn't bother me at all. I am getting a ps4 at launch and I think all owners will be just fine w/o WD's at launch lol. i do feel bad tho for those that pre-ordered.

if anything will give the PS4 a small "body blow" at Christmas, it will be GT6 which launches in less than 2 months on the mighty PS3.

PS4 D/L and Physical Media Day One:

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag
Battlefield 4
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Just Dance 2014
Killzone: Shadow Fall
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Madden NFL 25
NBA 2K14
Need for Speed: Rivals
Skylanders: Swap Force

PSN D/L Only:

Basement Crawl
DC Universe
Doki-Doki Universe
Pinball Arcade
Planetside 2
Pool Nation Extreme
Super Motherload
Tiny Brains
War Thunder

minimur121800d ago

To be fair, people shouldn't be too dissapointed about it, being as the free games you get on PS4 is crazy

Blacklight: Retribution
DC Universe Online
War Thunder

I understand how they're not full blown, story, free roam games, and people have every right to be pissed. but if you think of this as a 'sorry' package, its a pretty decent way of saying ' I'm sorry '
Along with whatever reatilers/ubisoft/sony offer aswell

Mad Aizen1800d ago

@minimur - don't forget Ace Combat: Infinity

The_Con-Sept1799d ago

I heard that the official reason why the delay happened is a cover up. Why? Because the ps4 version performs better than Microsoft's version. The threat of cutting funds is the true reason why they delayed watch dogs on both consoles. They are currently reworking the engine to outperform the ps4 version. Even though the ps4 version is ready to be shipped they held it back to maintain their contract with Microsoft.

Expect to see the ps4 version suddenly get dumbed down because of this.

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0ut1awed1800d ago

GTA V is supposedly releasing in the spring too. I'll most definitely buy that over watchdogs if that's the case.

MysticStrummer1800d ago

I was blown away by Watch Dog's reveal, but over time as more has been shown I've lost nearly all interest. I'd buy GTA5 on PS4 over Watch Dogs also. I may not buy Watch Dogs at all, or at least not until it goes on sale months later.

0ut1awed1800d ago

Not sure why so many disagrees.

I only own a PC for gaming currently so I haven't gotten to play GTA V. Would you really suggest me buying WatchDogs over GTA V?

hankmoody1800d ago

Looking at both system's launch title lineup, I think the PS4 is taking more of a hit with this development but not by much. At any rate, I'd rather take a delayed and improved game than something rushed out the gate.

InTheLab1800d ago

More time devoted to Killzone and I guess I'll have to pick up BF4 as a replacement title. Poor us /s

minimur121800d ago

I'm not too bothered It's been delayed - it was a toss up between AC 4 and WD, and at first I pre-ordered WD but then cancelled and went to AC. (at one time I had both on pre-order.)

Physical games I have pre ordered is pretty bad
Killzone (got the bundle just for release day del., wouldn't ve got it if not - but it's good to try new stuff :D )
AC 4

and I've bought £25 of credit that I'll redeem when I get my PS4, so I don't spend it before hand. thinking of buying more credit to put the icing on the cake :)

everything is paid off though, got it from shopto :)

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NatureOfLogic1800d ago

Why not delay AC4 instead?..... oh I forgot, milk is always better than new IP.

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