SCEE has Screwed Europe for the last time

Jonathan Britton writes Playstation Network @ Home "
I'm sure you have notice how different USA and Japan/Hong Kong get treated when it comes to the Playstation 3,
not only do SCEA and SCEJ listen to there gamers they also hold POLLS
and take feed back from them like they did with the New PS store.
Easy to navigate everything in its right sub section different way's to see the content you're looking for a Preview button to.
Just shows that SCEA and SCEJ listen to there Customers.
But the question is why doesn't SCEE.

Sony/SCEE have taken the design of the USA/HONG Kong PS Store and have
turned it into a store so hard to find what you want and looking for
its like looking for a needle in a hay stack.
We've been given a watered down version of the USA/HONG KONG PS Store with bland icons.
I wrote a letter to SCEE which I thought I should show you since I have sent it."

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NO_PUDding3861d ago

I am in UK but I agree.

Stop whining you idiot. It'll be sorted, I do care, but whining with a pointless HUGE email won't help.

fenderputty3861d ago

gets screwed a little bit here.

Really though, the fixing of the store was only something to be marginally excited about. If it was fixed wrong, one should only be marginally upset.

After all, it's only Sony shooting themselves in the foot since, it's really only preventing users from buying their crap easily. I'm sure things will be tailored and fixed a bit but, in the end it's only a store and not a function that's a deal breaker for buying or owning a PS3.

theKiller3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

its true we in europe get things last but we get it in good way and with out any confusion and a better launching!! in USA and japan ps3 launch was horrible they didnt have enough games nor consoles but we in europe we get it in a mass quantities and with more games! so which one do u choose? i choose the the europe treatment

subzero93861d ago

it may not help but it will get SCEE's attention and they maybe will start being more on top of things. If you dont care about whats going on for your country, good for you, unlike you, people actually want what was promised and want what is supposed to be there for them. People like you make these kind of things happen because soon SCEE will think "hey they dont really care, lets make more themes to make the day go by faster then after my vacation ill start on this thing" and you will end up not getting what you want for like 6 months when you see people in the US and Japan enjoying what YOU want. I live in the US and just having GTA IV delayed nearly killed me, but that is just a game, when people in Europe found out that THE WHOLE SYSTEM was delayed for months, it may have killed some people. Well you might disagree with me but this is my point and you made yours.

Science_NERD3861d ago

Inertia is a property of matter! and the acce;eration due to gravity is 9.81m/s(squared) !!! WOW!

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TheHater3861d ago

Hong Kong Playstation store? That store is even lamer than the European Store.
Oh and don't the ps3 owners in the US and Canada have to pre-order MGS4 in order to get the beta for Metal Gear online? Don't Europeans get it for free?
There isn't any different other than the demo tab between the US and Japan over the European Playstation store.

But I do agree with him on that fact that it seems that Europeans are always treated unfairly

Vip3r3861d ago

Yes, the beta that doesn't work because you have to create some stupid game and konami ID that you can't get because their servers are gimped.

Kemicalbeliefs3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

I feel he's offering his opinion of which I can relate to in many of the points he has raised.

I know that Sonys excuse of releasing the machine earlier and so they get everything earlier (I know you have to take European translations into account)but I think thats bs. Perhaps we should act the same way so when they release a game on the 3rd May we buy it 5 months later.

They know though that however you treat Europeans we won't really spit our dummies out like other markets can. We take it on the chin and complain to each other, rather than the people that matter.

Edit: I've read the rest of his letter and he does go on a bit about little bits of nothing, thus destroying the effect his letter could have had.

Alcohog3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )


Quick, call in the wambulance to deliver a wamburger and french cries, immediately!

devilhunterx3861d ago

you mean he is killing women and children?