Adams Top Ten Movies That Should Also Be Games

Omnigamer writes, "Some of the best games have been regurgitated into really bad movies, whereas some have turned out alright. Prince of Persia vs. Tomb Raider is a good reference point. What about the reverse"?

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JohnHeatz1800d ago

There is actually a "The Expendables" video game already, even available through Steam http://store.steampowered.c...

While for the No.4, there are a couple of "hacking" games such as Uplink and Hacker Evolution.

Nice article though, Cabin in the Woods was on the works, I don't quite remember when of by whom, but it was would've been amazing

Stuart57561800d ago

What about 'Children of Men', that would be a good game.

Neonridr1800d ago

Stargate had an SNES game. I remember beating that thing when I was a kid.

The Cabin in the Woods idea would be interesting. Especially if you played as the people in the control room and had the ability to manipulate the environment and choose what characters to insert into the house at the beginning. Could have been a fun game.