The biggest, least-known Xbox exclusive? First look at Cobalt, from the makers of Minecraft | OXM UK

Ever heard of Cobalt? No? You're not alone. Mojang's first third-party published game is an Xbox console exclusive, announced for Xbox 360 and Xbox One at Gamescom in August. Given its pedigree - Minecraft has now sold around 33 million copies across all platforms - it's rather astounding that this one has flown under so many radars. Ours included, if we're being entirely honest.

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Nabbic1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Notch is one of the worst developers I've ever known.
Greedy, impatient, a sloppy programmer and artist, as well as unable to keep his word.
Even if I was getting an Xbox, I'd refuse to buy this game out of sheer disgust for Mojang.

Also, it's not exclusive. It's console exclusive.

malokevi1466d ago

Don't get your panties all twisted. Looks good to me!

Loki861466d ago

Greedy? Even though he gives away millions and millions to help the indie community, not to mention his 200,000+ donations to humble bundle and so forth. Notch is one of the most generous developers.

CRAIG6671465d ago

"it's not exclusive. It's console exclusive"


falviousuk1465d ago

yet, somehow we all know if this was on the playstation then it would be just fine, if it was a playstation exclusive then it would be the best thing since sliced bread.

here come the idiots .....

DestinyHeroDoomlord1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

You hate the creator's of minecraft? mmm you must be a pretty hardcore gamer...

Bakkies1465d ago

Your comment reminded me of Scrolls which is on "special" now for $20 until it gets out of open beta, while Hearthstone will be F2P along with many other CCGs and TCGs. The millions received from Minecraft didn't in any way go into the development of it, just into Notch's flamboyant lifestyle and inflated ego.

Notch is a greedy narcissist, plain and simple.

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