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Dark Souls 2: It’s Not Easy, But It Is Cheap

NowGamer: "Remember when Dark Souls 2 was revealed and it was said to be ‘accessible’, and every butt-hurt internet user wailed that it would be easy and not true to the core of Dark Souls.

But what the hell is that core? Is it dying? Is that what was deemed difficult about Dark Souls?

Sadly it probably is, and it seems somewhere down the line someone forgot the difference between a challenging game and an unfair one." (Dark Souls 2, PS3, Xbox 360)

Lord_Sloth  +   528d ago
The difference is in DkS your deaths are your own fault. You can always make it through if you play cautiously. It isn't cheap, just unforgiving.
Cam977  +   527d ago
- Please don't tell me Bed Of Chaos wasn't cheap, that completely differed from every other boss in the game. There are more examples but I can't remember because I haven't played the game in a while following an extreme DaS addiction.

'numerous enemies suddenly appearing from behind after collecting items or unexpected assaults from concealed baddies.'

- Don't tell me that isn't cheap. They've utilised every opportunity to kill us which sounds like they're trying a little too hard, the article even directly puts my words into their words:

'The difficulty, then, is a false form of challenge; while the series has long been known for its trial-and-error learning curve, for Dark Souls 2 that would be a bit of a misnomer. Mostly because there’s no ‘error’ on your part. Yes you may learn that there’s an enemy lying in wait, but if you died because of an unfair advantage what are you really learning? It feels cheap, as though From Software is focusing on getting you to die as often as possible rather than empowering you for overcoming adversity.'

- And then the concluding line:

'Knowing what dangers lie ahead removes any fear once it has been experienced, but knowing you could die because of a mistake on your part is - and always will be - far more rewarding.

That's what Dark Souls 2 needs and from what we played of the beta, it seems that just isn't going to happen'

- It's cheap, guys.
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DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   527d ago
Nothing's cheaper than the bed of chaos... but even so, he's easy to kill without dying. If you want to talk about unfair, talk about ghost's and goblins
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Lord_Sloth  +   527d ago
Bed of Chaos can be beaten without taking any damage and isn't that hard honestly.

Most bait items are easy to spot so you'll know there's a trap coming so you can prepare yourself for it.
Irishguy95  +   527d ago
You were overpowered in the Beta/ Purposely I assume
BABY-JEDI  +   527d ago
C'mon Guys, it's Dark/Demon Souls, get a life.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   527d ago
Still looking forward to playing this on release. .. regardless
Captain Qwark 9  +   527d ago
easily my most anticipated game in years
sdozzo  +   527d ago
Previews six months out... makes me want it that much more.
NewAgeisHere  +   527d ago
I've seen grown man cry, break controllers and ultimately quit playing Dark Souls just beacuse they're used to easy difficulty with most other games. Dark Souls is not for crybabies , only for real gamers....it's not unfair, it forces you to learn from each death. Bunch of crying wussies in the comments i see.....
feraldrgn  +   527d ago
With the dark atmosphere of this game (especially now we have to use a torch in a lot of places) I would think ambushes would be expected.

Who isn't cautious in a Souls game?

I think after the Mimic in Dark Souls, stuff like this would be expected & damn did that Mimic catch me by surprise (instant death).
Roccetarius  +   527d ago
Never trust a chest without hitting it first. No more, damn Mimic.
monkey602  +   527d ago
Aw man! sens fortress basement mimic! Still have nightmares!
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   527d ago
If you throw a mimic with a loyds talisman he'll go back to ...sleep? Haha
LAWSON72  +   526d ago
I ran into that yesterday and I was lucky that i was able to keep one bar of health.
Brazz  +   527d ago
i keep seeing people saying "I think this is easier than dark souls and demon souls, belive me, i have played the previous two"... well my friend, i have a good new for you, the game "probably" isn't the the problem here, but youare... You have gained more hability at playing the "soul game"... ya learned how to proper back stab, parry, move, roll, etc. all this make things easier...

about fairness, please.... don't come crying like a baby only because you die to a "trap", this is not being unair, this is a form to create tension, make you fear the world that you are in, and at leastmake you think "what is in the next corner? ... is it safe?"
I remember my first run in tomb of giants, whit no lantern, yup, that make my tension bar go skyrocket whit 5-10 humanity for my chaos weapon on the line!! This is dark souls man! stop crying ...
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grahf  +   527d ago
I've been preaching the "experience" line for years. The series isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination, you've just gotten better. The same goes for everything in life.
monkey602  +   527d ago
Agreed. I brought a friend over to try the beta. I marched through it using the same tactics i had from previous games. He found it impossible ha Shame i cant relearn for the new game!
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   527d ago
Ooh... trying to escape the tomb of giants with a starting level character is a nightmare! (Over 9000 tension) especially just before the end when you encounter all those skeleton wheels on your way out. ..
Inception  +   527d ago
"Mostly because there’s no ‘error’ on your part. Yes you may learn that there’s an enemy lying in wait, but if you died because of an unfair advantage what are you really learning?"

What are you learning? Fall back! run! be patience until you find another way / strategies to beat the enemies.

Seriously, is this writer never play Demon/Dark Souls? And when you think you don't have an error, than that's when this game punished you. With the mentality "I never have an error" WILL made you careless. Especially when you entering a new area / dungeon that you don't know.

That's why one of the basic strategies to play Demon/Dark Souls is to be always on guard! Even when you think you have the best equipment / item that can whoop your enemies ass!
DanielGearSolid  +   527d ago
I see where he's coming from... There was definitely more variation in the methods of defeating bosses in Demon Souls... I feel like I can just slice through anything in Dark Souls
LAWSON72  +   526d ago
I have lost over 50000 souls throughout my play through and have felt so sad. I just can't stop playing though and I am now very excited for DS2 right behind Witcher 3 and MGS5
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