Nvidia teasing "super secret" announcement on October 21st

According to PC Perspective's events updates, Nvidia will be holding a "super secret" live stream on October 21st. It appears that the GPU manufacturer is ready to respond to AMD's recent initiatives at GPU 14.

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fluffydelusions1805d ago

Maybe that Titan Ultra card rumored a couple weeks ago

Magicite1805d ago

GTX790 (two titans cores in 1 gpu) - 1500$.
Oh joy!

Eonjay1805d ago

Well the 3 people who want to through down that kind of money on a card can enjoy Super Ultra resolution lol.

kingduqc1805d ago


On overclockforum there is plenty of people that play with over 6-10 millions of pixel (4k is around 8)... those kind of cards are needed at those resolution, I feel sorry you think there is only 3 people in the word that like gaming and are not broke.

Hicken1805d ago

Does the word "figurative" mean anything to you?

shadow18spirit1805d ago

isnt there an anouncement today or tomorrow about a gpu also ?

GentlemenRUs1805d ago

If its anything to do with a graphics card... prepare for a thing which will cost a 5-figure sum...

Are_The_MaDNess1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

when did GPU's ever cost that much? unless you are talking about workstation cards (not sure what the US price is on those).

they will prob hint to the 800 series cards with the Maxwell Architecture that is suppose to have Unified Virtual Memory.

WarThunder1805d ago

Lately Nvidia cards have been so overpriced. Thats why i switched to AMD.

Magicite1805d ago

No clue why You got disagree. AMD cards literally kills Nvidia ones when we talk about value and compute power.

WarThunder1805d ago

@dmitrijs88, disagrees? Mindless Nvidia fanboys... They are just like Apple fanboys they like to pay for overpriced products.

Drummerdude411805d ago

lol nvidia cloak, An api by Nvidia that is cooler than amd mantle in every way! If they do anounce a low prof api...would be good for my card but would create divisions throughout the pc dev community.

Drummerdude411805d ago

Thnx for the info, need to go do more research as to why mantle is so relevant now.

DeadlyFire1803d ago

Its possible though that NIVIDA has not touched GPGPU functions for normal cards. Which Mantle does I believe, but I don't know for certain. I know NVIDIA has an API, but I don't know how far it goes. Mantle is said to reduce CPU load. Which makes me believe its acting like its offloading compute tasks onto the CUs in the GPU. :)

Not sure if NVIDIA's API does that for its CUDA cores. I am sure they are likely to come up with a counter for it if they do not.

Fishy Fingers1805d ago

Guess it'll have something to do with countering AMDs Mantle announcement.

SnakeCQC1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Yeah it probably is. I mean they would be fools to either not use it(ms has probably already given them massive offers to continue direct x support?) or create their own api that does a similar thing(creates even more fragmentation)

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The story is too old to be commented.