Haunted Memories: Episode One Review (Strategy Informer)

From "In games writing and in particular, games reviewing there is a certain expectation about who is the 'right' person to review a particular game or style of game. For instance, if you task someone with little experience of RTS with reviewing a new Starcraft game, you can expect them to miss some of the nuance, to struggle with army composition, build order or base construction. Someone whose experience of RPGs is largely limited to single-player, narrative driven titles will have no context when coming to an MMO and is likely to judge it on the wrong terms. But when it comes to horror games, things are a little different, how do we judge someone to be fit to review a horror game? Is it someone with a sense of timing and technique who can objectively look at the ways in which a game seeks to manipulate the player. Or is it perhaps a person with a background knowledge of the mythology of a title and can judge how well that property is used to construct the experience?".

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