Pokemon X and Y Shiny Starters and Their Evolutions

Gameranx, by Ryan Parreno

Shinies are harder to get in Pokemon X and Y, so you will need this guide if you want them!

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bakagaijin781619d ago

"Shinies were introduced in Pokemon Black and White"

No. They've been around for much longer than B&W. I have a hard time taking articles seriously when they can't get basic facts straight.

TopDudeMan1619d ago

Yeah, they had shinies since gold and silver.

LAWSON721619d ago

Since there was color there were shinies.

r211619d ago

A white think this is actually happening.

secretcode1619d ago

...Shinies are harder to get? Bull. I've encountered more in XY than I have in any other Pokemon game.

thehobbyist1619d ago

They're easier. Everyone I know has found one. None past the second gym.

vFrosti1616d ago

I have no idea. Maybe they're lying to try to get people to look at their article. But most rumors are going around about the odds going from 1/8192 to 1/1000 and so many people are getting shinys randomly without even grinding for them.

LAWSON721619d ago

In my 10+ years of playing Pokemon I have never ran into a shiny.

SpiralTear1619d ago

I assume you mean in the wild randomly, because if you played Gold and Silver, I'm pretty sure you had to see one at the Lake of Rage to progress.

LAWSON721619d ago

how the hell did i forget about the awesome gyarados

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