The Crew expected to sell 2.5m units

Ubisoft expects next-gen racer The Crew to sell over 2.5 million units.

Speaking about the publisher's sales expectations for its next-gen line-up (including its 6.2m prediction for Watch Dogs), Ubisoft CFO Alain Martinez explained that The Crew had "a more limited potential" due to the fact it's a driving game.

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MWong1733d ago

I'll be one of the 2.5 million units. The game looks amazing, I really think it will sell more than 2.5m.

VENOMACR12271733d ago

Just out of curiosity, what is it about this game that everyone likes? I’ve watched gameplay videos and nothing WOW’d me about it. Graphics look decent, gameplay seems arcadeish. I saw one video where the objective was to run into another car or race through gates. Seeing a Camaro with 4X4 tires and look like a monster truck was just odd. Looks like a mix between NFS and Burnout. Just curious what the draw is, that’s all. Thanks

Viking_Socrates1733d ago

The game "from my perspective" seems to be failing when it comes to generating hype, I personally don't even know if I want it. So I have doubts it will be a major hit, but perhaps something about it is massively appealing to everyone.