Top 5 Reasons to Get a PS Vita TV

Hardwarezone: Here are the top 5 reasons to get a PS Vita TV!

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talhat21681d ago

When it comes out in the U.K ill be definitely getting it. A nice piece of hardware to have.

Eonjay1681d ago

I would rather pay 499 and get this and a PS4 than to pay 499 and get a camera, but thats just me.

UltimateMaster1681d ago

Nah, I'm getting the camera too, it's only 60$.

I own pretty much everything on all platforms.

guitarded771681d ago

I'm gonna get one when they come to the US to put in the living room for remote play with the PS4, and I have a Vita already, so I can play those games on the big screen.

I get why Japan got it first. They have a bigger market for handheld, and they have to wait longest for the PS4, but I'd like to have one at the launch of the PS4.

badz1491680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

it's great that I have friends in Japan so I pre-ordered mine today from Amazon Japan! WOOHOOO....!!

I'll have mine the same time as the Japanese and no need to pay for ridiculous mark up prices from importers too! can't wait! XD

GrandpaSnake1681d ago

i was going to buy a second vita but with this coming out i might just wait. I have a few friends that are actually avid users of streaming devices like roku and want this badly, they dont even have consoles.

jujubee881680d ago

The thing is, Sony technically needs to wait to get US content patched in so DS3/DS4 stuff can play on it.

I was talking to another N4G user sometime ago and I got the sense he didn't see how playing an english version of a JRPG (more than likely) wasn't going to work. It's because of the distribution and Japan being a focal point for VTV that some localized stuff might not ever get patched...Hopefully, that doesn't happen.

Eitherway, stuff like Shantae half genie hero is already leading the way and that kind of shows the flexibility indies have to say "Yeah, sure. We can (and will) patch all our content to work with VTV too." Which is good, IMO. Because that means more people like the Terraria guys might say they are working on VTV patches and so on and so on.

N4GCB1680d ago

So anything by Tecmo Koei won't be patched, is what you're saying basically.

Juste_Belmont1681d ago

I'm glad Sony's actually considering releasing the PS Vita TV in the West. Peripherals of the past never even got a mention here before, and even though the Vita TV is more like a stand alone console, it's pretty amusing that Sony came up with something they probably didn't expect much potential out of on a global scale, only to find that people see it as a great addition to their PS4 purchase.

I wonder if MS or Nintendo will take notice. The Wii U's game-pad is nice for what it does, but Vita TV has an advantage in streaming PS4 games to a second TV.