The Xbox One UI might be similar to Metro UI but its "Welcome Screen" looks great!

While we haven't gotten a proper look at the PlayStation 4 boot-up and Welcome Screen, we have seen plenty of them for Xbox One UI. In a recent Microsoft ad, Microsoft showed the neat looking Welcome Back screen that will grace our presence every time we boot our console. It looked neat and definitely showed an improvement over Xbox 360's boot up.

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Wizziokid1769d ago

I like the welcome screen but I don't like the Windows 8 look.

this is just my opinion though

nukeitall1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I personally love the simplicity and the flat look of Metro, with a hint of color. Very sexy, very modern!

Let's go back to basics and make it easy to use our devices. Tired of seeing a screen full of cryptic icons. Ironically Android and iPhone feels like Windows 3.1.

NoLongerHereCBA1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

That's completely your right :) I am a person who totally loves the Windows 8 look. It is very clean and easy to look at. Also never understood the negativity towards windows 8. Since nobody is forced to use the startscreen. But negativity always comes with new stuff.

OT: Love the look of the welcome screen :)

limewax1769d ago

Well the negativity isn't unwarranted. 8 is waning behind 7 thanks to their pointless efforts to destroy the system we came to know.

Not to mention how many techheads repeatedly slam 8 for multiple different problems, like Gabe Newell.

nukeitall1769d ago


Lol, Gabe has his own agenda feeling threatened by the Windows 8 app store.

I love Valve, but they are doing some really confusing stuff that I don't think is going to pan out. Think MS is confusing their message with Xbox One, imagine Valve!

"Well the negativity isn't unwarranted. 8 is waning behind 7 thanks to their pointless efforts to destroy the system we came to know."

I love Windows 8 personally, and don't mind at all the unifying look of Metro on all MS products. It took a little getting used to, but once you are over that hurdle it is faster and more efficient in my opinion.

Somebody1769d ago

Not all of the negativity is unwarranted, especially in Gabe Newell's case. PC hardware sales were already slowing down long before Win 8 is even out thanks to mobile devices. Before Win 8 people would be excited at the thought of moving/upgrading to a new Windows because it was the only one out there for the masses. Apple was still a niche product while mobile devices were still dominated by keypads on Nokias.

Now, there are other options beside Windows 8 to choose from so people will be less motivated to add another device into their bag. W8 isn't held back by W7 lovers but by its timing where the market is already saturated with Apples and Androids.

Another problem is the way W8 presented itself. Instead of being a new desktop OS with touch capabilities where users can learn to use as they go, W8 forced users to go into a touch environment head first while hiding the comforting old desktop. People want to learn new things, not forced into it.

Kleptic1769d ago

^to be fair...Newell has a history of slamming anything 'new'...

I'm with Vaizard...I built a new PC in June with W8 64-bit...and have not had a single issue with it...I understand where people are coming from when there are compatibility problems with particular software (i lived through Vista, too...)...Windows 8 has done every single thing i needed it to, perfectly...

and the complaints about the metro UI thing...just don't use it...there is free software that can completely remove the charms, the tiles, and boot directly to the desktop...

if you already have 7, i understand not really seeing the point in an immediate upgrade...but saying 'i hate it' is kind of ridiculous...

and in gaming, the trend toward 8 is already happening...I dual booted a work copy of 64 bit windows 7 for the bf4 beta...and ran benchmarks of 7 vs. 8...identical settings...both running off of a samsung 840 pro SSD...and with ONLY changing the OS i was getting 7 to 10 fps average increases with windows 8...and it only got bigger after the couple of patches they released...cpu usage was down over 15% across the board when running bf4 on windows 8...and there were tons of other players stating the same thing (some illustrating the preview of 8.1 was even better)...

people that get really deep in system level stuff may have valid points with the differences...but i can almost guarantee that most daily PC users that claim to hate windows 8 are really just pointing at UI differences...which is an easy fix...not all of them, but most of them, imo...

malokevi1769d ago

I'm a big fan of the W8 metro UI as well. I the XB1 version is looking spectacular. It's a great UI for touch devices, so I imagine metro + Kinect will feel like a great match.

Between my Surface, my Lumia, and my XB1, I'm going to be thoroughly grounded in a world of tiles.

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Spinal1769d ago

I think the Metro UI is fine on xbox but horrible for Desktop.

I prefer the UI of xbox to PS3 but I only plan to get a PS4 in future.

I'll stick to Win 7 on my desktop and see what Win 9 has to offer. [email protected] UI for desktop someone should have been fired for that idea.

Apple don't try to put iOS on their Power Macs do they? no they use snow leopard/maverick OS.

Funantic11769d ago

This looks a little different from Windows 8. I like the X1's menu screen. It looks easy to navigate. The problem a lot of people had with Windows 8 is that it didn't load to the desktop screen and made it hard to find files and programs.

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mike32UK1769d ago

I've never had an Xbox but the 360 start up looks really cool! The XB1 looks smooth but horribly garish in green, I'd go for the blue!

BobBelcher1769d ago

I'm sure, like the 360, you can change the background color.

donman11769d ago

Yet another reason not to buy the XboxOne. Absolutely hate the Metro UI of windows 8.

bmx_bandit1769d ago

Since u never considered buying one as a Sony-Sheep: what are u doin in here?

donman11769d ago

And you call me a sheep. How do I simplify this for you... Someone post an excerpt from an online article and then I comment on it. There are no restrictions or requirements to voice your opinion so I did. You following me so far or is this still too hard for you to comprehend?

The bottom line is the interface will look terrible to me cause I hate the tiled UI system Microsoft is using for their Smart devices and now XboxOne. That's my opinion.

bmx_bandit1768d ago

Out of 357 comments of you, around 270 of u are trolling and bashing the Xbox/Ryse/MS/Forza...

Again I ask u: why should anyone be interested in the opinion of a Sony-sheep in a MS-thread?

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