Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Release Hinted By HP

AliveGameZone - After Nvidia – before they back off, and major European online retailers, HP is the latest to say that the PC version of the game is slated for a fall 2013 release.

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seanpitt231741d ago

I don't and will not believe anything until rockstar announces it themselves.

annus1741d ago

Why would you hope a game doesn't come out onto something, months after release? Don't want to see what you are missing out on on consoles?

meatysausage1741d ago

stupid, i might be wrong but it sounds like you want it only for consoles. Its pretty safe that it will come out on pc eventually, Rockstar would want to make as much as possible

Hydrolex1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

It is absolutely impossible to be released in this month... I'm guessing somewhere btw Feb - April 2014 we will see it on PC

I actually didn't finish the game and sold it half way through, I want to experience it on my PC, MAX settings... Anti Aliasing on full throttle, draw distance 100%, Ultra high shadows, textures, and blah blah blah DAMNN can't wait

Jovanian 1741d ago


yeah I mainly just want to install a mod for population density...just looking at vids of gameplay and los santos looks like a ghost town

seanpitt231741d ago

I want it to come out on pc but all these rumours are crazy rockstar will announce it soon iam thinking Q1 2014

The_KELRaTH1741d ago

I'd buy Red Dead Redemption again (PS3) just to play it with decent PC graphics even though it will have been on consoles for ages and I'll only be buying GTA 5 if it's on PC too.

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KrisButtar1741d ago

GTA4 went to pc RDR didn't go to pc LA Norie did or didn't not to sure. I think they should release it on PC for all those gamers that don't own a console because I would like as many gamers to enjoy the game even though I'm done with it. The point of being a multiplatform publisher is to put it on multiple machines and that should include PC.

redey31741d ago

It's probably not true. They misunderstood it. They probably ment that with buying the monitor you'll get a ps3/x360 version of GTAV. I play on a PC monitor GTA V myself.

kevnb1741d ago

I think the pc version was supposed to come out, but just never did yet.

ExitToExisT1741d ago

I played GTA V on x360 for 15 hours, then stopped playing after 20 missions because as the game moved forward it become worse in visuals and the frame rate was dropping below 20 as the 'real' missions started.

Now that Watch Dogs is delayed, a 2013 release for PC would be perfect.

clouds51741d ago

It's so sad that they didn't focus on PC/next gen with GTA V. From what i've seen and read it's almost too much for the older systems. And you confirm that again... But i totally understand their decision you know. It was a business decision, and it was the right one. Look at those sales :D

I'm waiting for a PC version, i want full quality on a game like this. And of course MODs. I had so much fun as Iron Man in GTA IV... If it doesnt come like RDR, maybe that will justify buying a cheap used 360 or PS3 in a year or so.

dark_1011741d ago

Im done beta testing on my 360

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