More Assassins Creed IV Single-Player Gameplay Surfaces

More 'Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag' single-player gameplay surfaces as we come closer to the release date.

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TrevorPhillips1652d ago

Looks crazy! pre ordered my version of the game and can't wait to explore the whole world :)

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

what system are you getting it on?

@trevorphilips so am I..can't wait to actually see it on my tv.

minimur121652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

I watched a demo and they played part of sequence 3, and the whole world was alreday open and you had your ship :)

I'm geting PS4, the special edition from Zavvi for £57 :D

May aswell start next gen with a bang :D

mikeslemonade1652d ago

Looks robotic just like ever. Just riddled with the same animations like the current gen version.

SanMarco1652d ago

Mikes lemonade is right about that. Looks the same as any other ac game.

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hulk_bash19871652d ago

PS4 for me as well, can't wait. Game looks like it might just be as good, if not better, than AC2.

Magicite1652d ago

Yesterday - Watch Dogs delayed.
Today - More AC4 gameplay surfaces.

aPerson1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Just from watching that 20 minute clip, you can tell Black Flags is a huge improvement over AC3. My biggest problem with AC3 is that you never truly felt like you were playing as an assassin -- but Black Flags looks killer.


only thing I'm not liking is how the enemies never really engage you in combat,they just sorta stand there. If they could fine tune that little flaw before the game ship it would be perfect in my opinion.

GarrusVakarian1652d ago

Yeah, that was one of my main gripes with AC3. You were just a one button warrior, it was too easy. I remember past games actually being a little challenging, having to counter constantly and switch it up for different enemy types.

Like you said, let's hope they change it.

GarrusVakarian1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Wow, that place he's at in the cutscene looks beautiful. Im impressed. Everytime i see this game it makes me want to pre order it for day one, but i don't want to get stung like i did with AC3.

I have to say though, the climbing and combat looks annoying, especially the climbing. The combat camera angles too, and the fact the enemies are just standing there waiting to be killed.

JackISbacK1652d ago

version which this guy was playing was not perfectly polished but these little problems can be solved in a month ,or may be they had already solved it.still little issues with enemy fights and looks like an old built because when i played this game at eurogamer expo it was looking perfect and combat feels lot better than ac3 ,when i played ai was intellegent and responsive,it was also littledificult also when i played the game ,truly said the gameplay was not any drastic change but was very polished and old issues were solved and biggest addition was naval gameplay ,it is looking like most rich ,perfect and lots of things to do assassins creed game this time and biggest thing after being a pirate edward is a more bigger assassin ,this was the biggest problem with ac3 it was hard to recognise that conner is an assassins or a freedom fighter ,this time it is not repeating, edward is an assassin less pirate. an assassin story in a pirate world which shows templars and assassins were involved in every work around the world and shows scope of the story.

FullmetalRoyale1652d ago

Chicka-chicka-chicka-check it out.

SuperBlur1652d ago

the story was suppose to end in what , AC 2 or AC:Brotherhood and they decided to just make shit up as they went.

10V3N0M011651d ago

Judging from this comment, this is definitely Slim Shady himself!

JackISbacK1651d ago

now slim shady will rap on your fuckin mother , let the game begin ,you make me angry ,what i said was all that ,what i played it by myself was all not at all bad . and its an old built man better stick to it ,you n your mother with will lik it till end ,when this game will fuckin release to be a big hit,beast.
"halla budy"

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kidhero991652d ago

The last half of that video was somewhat embarrassing .Those red barrels need some work and this game needs some more polish before 11/15.

SuperBlur1652d ago

Watch_Dogs lost the toss coin , they didn't know which one to delay

kidhero991652d ago
Evidence speaks for itself.

And now drive club has been delayed.

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