Beasts of Monster Hunter 4: Aruserutasu

oprainfall writes:

"We plan to use our copy of Monster Hunter 4 to write three things: a preview of the game discussing new features and the two new weapons, a review of the game, and a series of articles discussing the brand-new monsters to be found.

This article is the first of that last objective. We won’t be writing about monsters like the Velociprey, which is found in 4 and in previous generations (excluding 3 Ultimate); we’ll only be writing about the all-new monsters, subspecies included. Updates will be irregular; entries will be written as I get to each monster and feel comfortable enough with it to write about it. Think of this series as a place for new monster information, both in and outside of battle."

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Jdoki1801d ago

Monster Hunter is the one game series I want to love, but can never get in to. I've tried the version on PSP and the demo on 3DS, and I just find it a horrible and frustrating game. I suspect a good part of that is due to the single analogue stick design of PSP / 3DS, but the mechanics and overall design seem a bit poor as well.

But still, whenever a new version is announced or released I still feel like I should pick it up (until I try the demo and find it just as infuriating).

RaikRhythm1801d ago

The game IS infuriating with only one analogue stick; the 3DS version is remedied by the circle pad pro though. I struggle without the CPP, and I've put a lot of hours into the series.

I also find that the game is nowhere near as good unless you have friends to play with. I never got into the series till my best friend started playing Tri with me.

If you like action games, I'd say you should give it a good crack, because you'll love it. It takes a while to get used to all the mechanics and the way the hunter moves, but in the end, I found it was totally worth it. :D

Jdoki1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Hmm, looks like I might be popping in to town on my lunch break to check out the CPP.... :)