Underage And Playing 'Grand Theft Auto' For Years - How Three Teens Got The Games

MTV Multiplayer writes: ""Grand Theft Auto IV," like its predecessors, is rated "M" for "Mature." That means that the game's content is only "suitable for persons ages 17 and older."

But we all know that won't prevent everyone under 17 from getting their hands on the game.

I recently talked to three teenagers who have owned and played "GTA" since well before the age of 17 - with and without their parents' permission - about their past experiences with "GTA" games.

One 15 year-old told me his parents don't allow him to play M-rated games without their approval, and "GTA" is strictly off-limits. However, he acquired "San Andreas" though a game-trading website, and they don't know he's been playing it:"

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Iron Man 23886d ago

More than 90% of Xbox 360 gamers are under 17,Shane Kim suggest banning the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV and only releasing PLAYSTATION®3 version of GTA IV since only mature adults own PLAYSTATION®3 and not Xbox 360.

jollygoodchap83886d ago

Most game stores don't even follow the "guidelines and regulations". They just sell the games regardless of age.

I used to work at a EBgames(god, we ripped people off)Anyway 90% of the employees would sell these M rated games to kids without even asking proof of age.

Only once in a blue moon we'd get a angry parent yelling at us for selling the game to a minor.

Funny story:

I remember one day a parent and kid came in. The father didn't care whatever his kid wanted(I guess he was loaded)anyway the kid squealed "360!! CoD4 and Bioshock!!" so the father picked them up and got to the counter and said "These are for my kid" my supervisor, in a very monotonous voice "NO." The father was speechless "O...k...they are for me then." his response again "NO." The father threw a fit and picked the kid up by his arm and took off. The kids little crying scream made me and few other customers laugh hard.