Watch_Dogs delay might greatly embarrass Ubisoft

Watch_Dogs was just delayed from November 2013 to Spring 2014. This Watch_Dogs delay might not be as embarrassing to Ubisoft had they not taken a shoot at Grand Theft Auto V in one of their official ad.

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vishmarx1804d ago

gta v or is embarrassing given the fact that it should of been going gold anytime now and was a part of ps4 launch bundle....
some deel shit , they are in.

showtimefolks1804d ago

i know some may not be happy but i feel like if it needs more time than we should be glad UBI is doing the right things

IMO atleast they showed too much of watch dogs to than delay it.

now it will really have to compete with the big boys come next year, there are some really AAA games launching in 2014 so UBI is gonna have to earn the money where if they launched with the system it was gonna sell regardless

Scatpants1804d ago

I'm skeptical that it did need more time. I feel like they decided that AC4 and GTA5 would overshadow it and they stood to make more money from it in their next fiscal year. As it is now it should come out in the middle of the after Christmas drought when everyone will be finished with their launch titles and looking to get something new.

abzdine1804d ago

sad for people who are interested in this game, but it changes nothing for me.
i am still getting Killzone and Knack day one.

hulk_bash19871804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

It sucks that they delayed it cause I, and I'm sure alot of other people, were looking forward to picking it up along with their new next gen consoles next month. But, if it means that they can get a better game out to us then by all means delay it. It is disappointing non the less.

PS4isKing_821804d ago

What I find odd about this is everyone is just talking about the ps4 watchdogs bundle but it was an Xbox one bundle as well. It's like ppl don't even care about the Xbox one version.

Deadpoolio1804d ago

Thats cause One80s are pretty much fully expected on the One80

TedCruzsTaint1804d ago

Because this was totally the fault of Microsoft . . .

ooquis1804d ago

Sad thing is....i think UBIs knew long ago they were going to delay. they screwed everybody over the bastarrds!

DragonKnight1803d ago

They don't care about the Xbox One version. Xbox One fans will sit there and spout off the launch titles they have so they're not going to talk about Watch Dogs and no one else cares about the Xbox One except the diehard Xbox One fanboys.

Regis1803d ago

I care about my games for my console I guess you could imply I'm a fan boy but I would like to play Watchdogs on release day.

DragonKnight1803d ago

Well, the fact that you didn't create a list of Xbox One launch titles pretty much states that you're not the kind of Xbox fanboy I'm talking about.

I wanted to play WD as well, but instead I had to cancel the pre-order for that game (not my PS4 pre-order, had that since June) and get something else. Not too happy about that either.

skipper1803d ago

Allot of people are shying away from XBO. For me it is PS4 and Wii U. Sure there are allot of fanboys picking up XBO, but allot of. My friends who own PS360's are skipping XBO at launch and getting PS4 first. Better price and more power. I personally doubt I will ever pick up XBO.

FlameHawk1804d ago

Lol wow, I completely forgot about that picture. Yeah they do look stupid now but delays happen and its for the better.

The_Sneauxman1804d ago

I cancelled my pre-order today and went with Killzone at launch. This has changed my decision from owning it, to maybe. I'm extremely disappointed and wished they hadn't changed their minds with less than a month of releasing

kparks1804d ago

How did u cancel ur preorder its pretty much sold out... And u may of just screwed yourself u would of deff got 60$ off the order or something comparable and sony prolly would of threw some free stuff in the mix also!

The_Sneauxman1803d ago

Gamestop... not Amazon and it was the game not the bundle

kparks1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Oooooooo yup makes sense lol.. I refuse to buy from gamestop damn crooks.

Jdoki1804d ago

I'm not sure I see your logic. I can understand the disappointment, but normally delaying a game means one of two things.

Either the game is a dud and needs major rework. Or, the game needs more polish and bug hunting and the publisher is good enough to allow it.

I think Watch Dogs falls in the the second camp, so it's likely we'll get a better game because of the extra time. I know I'd rather have a game a few months late than a buggy mess.

extermin8or1803d ago

Well.... it has to fall into the second catagory becayse a few nobths really isnt enough time to rework it completely as even having a massive dev team some things you could have 1 guy or 20 but it'll still take the same amount of time no matter how many people work on it. If they had delayed a year then I'd say rework but as its just a few months and will likely be released in february/early march its probably just polish I suspect there really wasnt much left todo and they tried to get the team tobhave it done by going nuts with overtime as the point for going gold approached but that its become clear it couldnt be done so theyve given them more time better than releasing it and patching it like some publishers and devs do... cleaely they have faith that the game is good and will do well anyway they dont need to rely on it being one of a limited number of launch titles. Whereas mext year we'll be looking at alot of releases in spring-games like destiny and the crew and infamous. More games will have been announced at vga's etc. I think games llike mgs5 will have release dates and we'll be looking forward to games due to release in the summer/autumn of 2014 like say witcher 3, dragon age inquisition etc. So the game must in essence still be very good.

The_Sneauxman1803d ago

.... or that UBISOFT is known for delaying a game to maximize profits. I like what I see from Watch Dogs but part of the appeal is that it is launching next gen.

Until Ubisoft says the reason for the delay, I will keep my money

McScroggz1804d ago

Delays happen all the time.

Beastforlifenoob1804d ago

ALL THE TIME i.e. nothing has ever happend without delay than expected, so no one has done something earlier then they expected?

McScroggz1803d ago

I think you are being a little hyperbolic there.

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