Are the Steam Machines for us, or developers?

Remember when Valve was just a game developer? Remember when they released their masterpiece sequel to Half-Life and included this annoying DRM thing you had to sign in to and wait to load just to play it? Hard to believe when you look back on it that this thing called Steam would become the dominant service for PC gaming, spawn a Linux-based operating system that runs on a super-powerful console/living-room-gaming-com puter that is rapidly nearing completion, and that we still aren’t playing Half-Life 3. But putting that last point aside, this hardware campaign by Valve may seem to suggest that they’re seeking to fill some sort of role in the industry that they or the “Big Three” aren’t already. In actuality, I find that they are not looking to fix what’s left undone or even what is broken but rather to take what’s most right and do it better. Valve is acting more like the Google of video games, and with Steam as their Android they’re continuing to make my previous “Remember when” q...

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