Take a look at 16 minutes analysis of PlayStation 4 UI and Menus

PlayStation 4 is still taking a while to launch. There is one more month of wait and then the wait of getting it on launch unless you have already pre-ordered it. We have gotten a new video which details the UI and Interface of PlayStation 4.

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Xsilver1650d ago

My dream just came through

black0o1650d ago

looks more glassy and simple then xbone UI -i hate the win8 metro style-

Ezz20131650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

same here
i really hate everything about Windows 8
this look and feel much better
look very simple and easy to use and very fast as well
sony is hitting every single right note with ps4

EDIT: thanks to @Riderz1337
we can watch a better video than this one

insomnium21650d ago

I can't watch a vid like that. My ears will bleed. Who the eff puts music or commentary like that on these things?

insomnium21650d ago

I can't watch a vid like that. My ears will bleed. Who the eff puts music or commentary like that on these things?

It would be nice to get a proper inroduction vid on the UI though.

majiebeast1650d ago

You dont like menus in menus in menus?

Kingthrash3601650d ago

so true black!

gamer fun fact for all!!!!...
the ps4 will launch in a month sounds long ....unless u think about how it was revealed 8 months ago! to me it feels like yesterday, nov 15 is inches away from being in our livingrooms...great time to be a gamer! that goes for xbox fans too we will all enjoy next gen goodness, skipping thanksgiving altogether telling our wives to "shuddup and put my plate in the microwave, ill eat it after this match is over!"...spending time with loved ones is too, just not on launch week.

Eonjay1650d ago

Goto @16:20

Did you see how fast the got back to the menu? That was crazy fast!

Lalanana1650d ago

Nope. Not to me. Xbox one UI is much classier and sleek.

Magicite1650d ago

this time around Sony has really listened to consumers, everything is better than it used to be.

Greatness awaits!

ShinMaster1650d ago

It's funny how some people began pretending to love Metro after it was announced to be on the XBO.

P0werVR1649d ago


I don't believe your opinion makes any difference, LOL! You don't like ANYTHING Microsoft.

"Looks more glassy and simple."

That's all you needed to post.

black0o1649d ago

^^ waOooaW! do u own MS or MS products are exclusive just for YOU ..
if i don't like a product i'm entitled to say so

malokevi1649d ago

I guess they cut out the part where it crashes


jks lol rofl

Yetter1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

What is simple about it? It looks like menus burried under other menus. Seems like the furthest thing from 'intuitive design' to me.

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badz1491650d ago

came through? didn't had the chance to experience it?


looks nice and I love the way how the XMB is still pretty much there.

Tony-Red-Grave1650d ago

Everyone who watches this should do themselves the favor of muting the video -.-.

gapecanpie1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

what's with all those stupid a** sub menus? Haven't seen such shi**y design since windows 98 sub menus that lead to more sub menus *smh*

shoddy1650d ago

When there is sub section, you can't leave it out.

there always going to be files inside files

GTgamer1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Clearly the early build we saw awhile back well at least its still snappy and i finally see the web browser in action and it fast yay and once again it has a dynamic background awesome because I'm getting tired of all that blue.

AngelicIceDiamond1650d ago

Looks great, Easy intuitive and Most importantly, responsive and fast.

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ajax171650d ago

Yeah, except the guy talking is fucking retard.

Jazz41081649d ago

2 to 4 gigs of fast memory goes to this. Im serously disappointed in my opinion. Wow just wow.

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Pancit_Canton1650d ago

Simple yet elegant and blazing fast.

black0o1650d ago

Dammmmmmmmmm! that's what i call friendly UI

Riderz13371650d ago

That commentator at the beginning was horrible and the music sucked lol.

Here is the full one hour demo of the UI (It's French).

Sony - Flawless Victory

black0o1650d ago

thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +up

GTgamer1650d ago

@Riderzz1337 you sir are awesome

AngelicIceDiamond1650d ago

Lol wow @Riderz thanks for that.

GinkgoID1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Thank you! That guys commentary was insufferable.

christrules00411650d ago

Do you got any other links? That video went private.

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-Alpha1650d ago

Man, the blue is just blah. I can't wait to slap my custom themes all over it.

Deathdeliverer1650d ago

I love my themes on my PS3. Fireplace theme FTW.

memots1650d ago

boom chicka wah wah..

christrules00411650d ago

I have Joel and Ellie from TLOU as my theme. I wonder if there is a Killzone, Infamous : Second Son or The Order : 1886 theme for the PS4. Static ones are alright but I like the ones that move or have multiple screens so every time you get on it's different.