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Take a look at 16 minutes analysis of PlayStation 4 UI and Menus

PlayStation 4 is still taking a while to launch. There is one more month of wait and then the wait of getting it on launch unless you have already pre-ordered it. We have gotten a new video which details the UI and Interface of PlayStation 4. (PS4)

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Xsilver  +   681d ago
My dream just came through
black0o  +   681d ago | Well said
looks more glassy and simple then xbone UI -i hate the win8 metro style-
Ezz2013  +   681d ago
same here
i really hate everything about Windows 8
this look and feel much better
look very simple and easy to use and very fast as well
sony is hitting every single right note with ps4

EDIT: thanks to @Riderz1337
we can watch a better video than this one
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insomnium2  +   681d ago
I can't watch a vid like that. My ears will bleed. Who the eff puts music or commentary like that on these things?
insomnium2  +   681d ago
I can't watch a vid like that. My ears will bleed. Who the eff puts music or commentary like that on these things?

It would be nice to get a proper inroduction vid on the UI though.
majiebeast  +   681d ago
You dont like menus in menus in menus?
Kingthrash360  +   681d ago
so true black!

gamer fun fact for all!!!!...
the ps4 will launch in a month sounds long ....unless u think about how it was revealed 8 months ago! to me it feels like yesterday, nov 15 is inches away from being in our livingrooms...great time to be a gamer! that goes for xbox fans too we will all enjoy next gen goodness, skipping thanksgiving altogether telling our wives to "shuddup and put my plate in the microwave, ill eat it after this match is over!"...spending time with loved ones is awsome...family too, just not on launch week.
Eonjay  +   681d ago
Goto @16:20

Did you see how fast the got back to the menu? That was crazy fast!
Lalanana  +   681d ago
Nope. Not to me. Xbox one UI is much classier and sleek.
Magicite  +   681d ago
this time around Sony has really listened to consumers, everything is better than it used to be.

Greatness awaits!
ShinMaster  +   681d ago
It's funny how some people began pretending to love Metro after it was announced to be on the XBO.
P0werVR  +   681d ago

I don't believe your opinion makes any difference, LOL! You don't like ANYTHING Microsoft.

"Looks more glassy and simple."

That's all you needed to post.
black0o  +   681d ago
^^ waOooaW! do u own MS or MS products are exclusive just for YOU ..
if i don't like a product i'm entitled to say so
malokevi  +   680d ago
I guess they cut out the part where it crashes



jks lol rofl
Yetter  +   679d ago
What is simple about it? It looks like menus burried under other menus. Seems like the furthest thing from 'intuitive design' to me.
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badz149  +   681d ago
came through? so...you didn't had the chance to experience it?


looks nice and I love the way how the XMB is still pretty much there.
Tony-Red-Grave  +   681d ago
Everyone who watches this should do themselves the favor of muting the video -.-.
gapecanpie  +   681d ago
what's with all those stupid a** sub menus? Haven't seen such shi**y design since windows 98 sub menus that lead to more sub menus *smh*
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shoddy  +   681d ago
When there is sub section, you can't leave it out.

there always going to be files inside files
GTgamer  +   681d ago
Clearly the early build we saw awhile back well at least its still snappy and i finally see the web browser in action and it fast yay and once again it has a dynamic background awesome because I'm getting tired of all that blue.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   681d ago
Looks great, Easy intuitive and Most importantly, responsive and fast.
The_Infected  +   681d ago
The UI and internet browser are slow. You think with it being on PS4 everything would be lightning fast.
colonel179  +   681d ago
very hard to judge with that horrible quality video. I think we will have to wait until someone does a proper video, or until it releases.
The_Infected  +   681d ago
I agree the quality is horrible but you can see its slow loading things and the web browser looked horrible.
GTgamer  +   681d ago
@The_infected its the early build of UI we got glimpses of it a long time ago on dev kits and Hold on what do you mean the UI was slow it was very snappy and web browser was good too sure it looked like a mobile web browser but it opened pages fast but so far my final judgment will be when i see a updated vid from Sony showing the retail version from that demo it screamed simple and immediate.
abusador  +   681d ago
Did we watch then same video? Check your bandwith and speeds your video must be lagging, unless of course your being a corny troll but Idk.

Def. Fast browser and UI and for comparison sake loading times were faster than what we've seen on competition.
memots  +   681d ago
Well for example the Vita browser was Sh** at first but they improved it recently. So i am sure that they will manage to make it better.
ajax17  +   681d ago
Yeah, except the guy talking is fucking retard.
Jazz4108  +   680d ago
2 to 4 gigs of fast memory goes to this. Im serously disappointed in my opinion. Wow just wow.
Pancit_Canton  +   681d ago
Simple yet elegant and blazing fast.
black0o  +   681d ago
Dammmmmmmmmm! that's what i call friendly UI
Riderz1337  +   681d ago | Helpful
That commentator at the beginning was horrible and the music sucked lol.

Here is the full one hour demo of the UI (It's French).


Sony - Flawless Victory
black0o  +   681d ago
thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +up
GTgamer  +   681d ago
@Riderzz1337 you sir are awesome
AngelicIceDiamond  +   681d ago
Lol wow @Riderz thanks for that.
Kingthrash360  +   681d ago
GinkgoID  +   681d ago
Thank you! That guys commentary was insufferable.
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christrules0041  +   681d ago
Do you got any other links? That video went private.
-Alpha  +   681d ago
Man, the blue is just blah. I can't wait to slap my custom themes all over it.
Deathdeliverer  +   681d ago
I love my themes on my PS3. Fireplace theme FTW.
memots  +   681d ago
boom chicka wah wah..
christrules0041  +   681d ago
I have Joel and Ellie from TLOU as my theme. I wonder if there is a Killzone, Infamous : Second Son or The Order : 1886 theme for the PS4. Static ones are alright but I like the ones that move or have multiple screens so every time you get on it's different.
Stuntz  +   681d ago
kind of upset that they stuck to that bland type look. Looks alot like PS3, and that is what i honestly find to be a turn off.
Riderz1337  +   681d ago
What you find bland, I find simplistic.

I don't want my UI to look amazing at the expense of being difficult to navigate.

Also, what is so bland about it? You can change the background to your liking and this is still not even the final UI that will be in the retail version of the PS4.
BlackTar187  +   680d ago
throw the themes on it then :)

Got the Green bay packers theme going right now.

Go pack
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   680d ago
I think thats the point-to leave it simple for customization. At least there no ads.
ziggurcat  +   680d ago
i guess when you're used to ads plastered all over your UI, anything looks "bland".
JamieL  +   680d ago
What UI has ads posted "all over it"? If you’re talking about Live, having one ad in one window, that makes no sound unless you highlight it is hardly "ads posted all over it".
DigitalRaptor  +   680d ago
@ JamieL

It's a shame then that it's only going to get worse for the Xbox One dashboard then. You still can't really justify ads on a paid service.

JamieL  +   680d ago
No YOU can't, I to be honest, could not care one little drop less. When you get a sec PM me I need to know a few things, since you can so very clearly see the future.
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KillrateOmega  +   680d ago
I don't really care what the UI looks like as long as it's effective as doing what it was designed to do. After all, how often and long are we really going to be looking at the UI when using the PS4?
Deathdeliverer  +   681d ago
Well that's as straight forward as it gets. Glad they kept the XMB. Updated obviously. I hope I can still setup folders for games. I have my games in PS1,PS2, action, racing, arcade, and so on folders. Super fast Interface also. Can't wait to put it through its paces during gameplay. See if the speed continues. It should, with the special chip inside JUST FOR background work. First time i've ever wanted to understand French and damn that music was annoying.
HyperBear  +   681d ago
I like that they kept the XMB look and feel, and then enhanced it within each of the sub-menus. Looks really clean and fast, can't wait to use it!
pussylips  +   681d ago
solid_snake3656  +   681d ago
Right now I feel like a fat kid running on a treadmill while someone in front of me eats cake, right now all I can do is watch. November 15th is when I can get my grubby little hands on it.
isarai  +   681d ago
Very fast and i love that they didn't sacrifice options for simplicity. SO glad to see the web browser works that well, gotta laugh at the people complaining how horrible the UI is, What is there to complain about?
Deathdeliverer  +   681d ago
I think that may be an old firmware version, judging by the number of things that he got a error for. I hope that once it hits retail and is all updated, they don't clutter the screen with adds and pictures of stuff. That's my only Xbox complaint. The entire screen is cluttered to the max with shit that was unrelated to games. I was glad when avatars came out so at least the screen had a little breathing room. Hopefully that will be fixed on XB1. If not, screw it. I can deal.
isarai  +   681d ago
might have more to do with the fact that PSN isn't fully functioning for the Ps4
Majin-vegeta  +   681d ago
As long as i can keep my Asa akira theme i'm all good ;).
DigitalRaptor  +   680d ago
Hahaha. I don't think you'll be able to use existing PS3 themes as those were made specifically for PS3, but as long as Asa Akira has a dedicated fanbase of Sony gamers, you won't be waiting long for a PS4 theme to appear.
thechosenone  +   681d ago
Not going to spoil it for myself, I think I'll just wait for Sony to post up an official vid.
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tracyllrkn  +   681d ago
Trust me, it was a very crap video.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   681d ago
seems like everything sony should have done with the ps3's ui. simple enough that it keeps its elegance, but has a ton of navigational purpose.
i only wish that they were a little more adventurous with what they have going in relativity to color and icon choices. i think that both the xboner and the ps4's ui look great in terms of functionality, but a bit more color and pop on the ps4s side would have been fantastic. not necessarily to the obnoxious level of the 360s original "blades' system (for example), but just a little more vibrancy might have been nice. but again, glad to see that overall the UI keeps the look of maturity and elegance over any other look. would be happy with either next gen consoles ui.

i mean even though windows 8 on pc is trash.
isarai  +   681d ago
you can download, customize, and possibly create your own themes
memots  +   681d ago
I was just thinking that. I hope that you can customize the whole thing. Like Favorites/layers for quick access ( shortcuts ) and stuff like that.
Lboogieskells  +   681d ago
"Simple and clean"- Hikaru Utada
GTgamer  +   681d ago
Ahhhhhh i see what u did there.
My_precious  +   681d ago
i quite of like XBM style of PS3 (a little dispaoint that they don't use this on vita like psp) so i think sony did quite a good job to improve it in PS4

man, i wish they just release PS4 UI demo app so i can try it out on my own

PS: oops, almost forget that, i want my dynamic theme have sound this time sony, make it happen and you will get all of my money
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spaceg0st  +   681d ago
this guy narrating sounds like a complete moron. He makes us Americans look very bad.
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RiPPn  +   681d ago
The guy commentating.. ugh really do you need to swear every other word? I couldn't make it 30 seconds in and I want to see it. Oh well 30 days and I'll be experiencing it for myself.
ballsohard2013  +   681d ago
wait wait... wtf. I dont know what the hell half the people are looking at.. i see people saying "beautiful". The one good thing i do see is that its snappy but thats to be expected. Its 2013 for goodness sakes. Hopefully we can them the bland blue screen out. But what the "F" we're they thinking with all those sub menu's. All of the modern operating systems have moved away from that. Its like a blast from the past which is why they really havent put it out like that.

Something a little bit more dynamic and innovative to pair with that powerful hardware. Come on sony you can do better than this.... maybe this will evolve overtime. Not that big of a deal.

Edit: Windows 8 is trash tho lmfaoooo. I can dig windows 7 tho.
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Spinal  +   681d ago
I agree I'm actually disappointed with the UI. It looked so promising when they showed that vid that you can watch your friends game.

But they ended up going with the same ole sub menu crap. The one thing I don't like about my PS3 is the UI.

And Win8 can die. I'm sticking with Win 7 until I see what Win 9 has to offer.
fooltheman  +   681d ago
You still can watch your friends game...
H0RSE  +   681d ago
This isn't really appealing at all. It looks very bare bones, and aesthetically, very bland. I'm all for minimalistic approaches in menus/UI's, but I also want something pleasing to look at it. This reminded me of like a debug mode for developers.
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BlackTar187  +   680d ago
I never understood peoples need to see something pretty on a UI.

I mena i understadn the want to see "NEW" btu how often are you using the UI or showing it off or looking at it as some form of happiness while playign the system?

Real question BTW. I don't get peoples problems with either UI. It's just a UI
KillrateOmega  +   680d ago

I'm using the console to play games. I don't care about the aesthetic value of the console itself and its UI as long as both are effective at what they are designed to do.

Besides, do anyone really think there won't customization options for this?
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timotim  +   680d ago
I have to agree with you. And, the Web browser looks beyond bad.
DigitalRaptor  +   680d ago
This guy hasn't heard of themes or customization, it appears.
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nunley33  +   680d ago
It reminded you of debug because it is,this ain't the final version and it'll be better at release and with post- release updates.
Cryptcuzz  +   681d ago
Why is the video so blurry even on 1080P? Thanks for sharing though.
LoTuZ  +   681d ago
I like it. Simple, sleek, and there are not a billion windows open at once. I think they may have nailed it again. Yes I said again haters. Lol
N8  +   681d ago
Had to mute it to watch it. I would rather hear them talk wtf with this guy and the music.
tanookisuit  +   681d ago
I'm glad they made the icons a bit smaller and moved them to the absolute centre. It will (that is, if Sony does provide them) make dynamic themes so much more pleasing.
Kakashi Hatake  +   681d ago
To everyone saying the UI is bad, how in the hell is this any better? https://www.youtube.com/wat...
jgrigs09  +   681d ago
yay! thank you for bringing a fanboy war wooo! you're awesome dude! Seriously, that was not necessary.
H0RSE  +   681d ago
Just because people might think the PS4 UI is bad, does not mean they also think the Xbox UI is better or even good at all...
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ballsohard2013  +   681d ago
i can do without all the green tiles but i'll take the X1 interface over the ps4 one. the bland blue with a million sub menus is to primitive and dated. Thats like early windows man. Blah!

If we can theme out the psn that might help a bit. And maybe folder some of those icons (Asking for a prayer).
MultiConsoleGamer  +   681d ago
Beautiful. Simple, minimalist, effective. Exactly what you want in an UI. Very, very nice indeed!

My God is it November yet?!
i3eyond the Circle  +   681d ago
I'm sorry...

I don't like it.
felidae  +   681d ago
what is there to like?

i really like the xbox UI much more because you feel "home" - like there's something more behind it - don't know how else to describe :)

to each his own!
H0RSE  +   681d ago
I think I see what you're saying. The XBL dashboard has a much "warmer" feel. The PS4 UI demoed in this vid feels very cold and uninviting, like editing BIOS settings on your PC - it's functional but not something you necessarily enjoy.
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cell989  +   680d ago
@H0RSE must you compare everything to PC. That UI is far ahead of anything BIOS, do not even compare......sir!
cell989  +   680d ago
then you have failed in life my friend, there is no hope now :(
Drewminati  +   681d ago
looks like ps3.. nothing new here move along
felidae  +   681d ago
yeah, boring like on ps3
abusador  +   681d ago
Confirmed! Best UI, not a cluttered mess with tons of adds. Web browser is fast and going between apps is fast as well. Loading times of games also seem faster than competition. Ps4 beast confirmeddddd
felidae  +   681d ago
you totally have no idea how a good UI should look like!

Best UI .. lolol!
LiinoMajire  +   680d ago
Like XBONE UI looks any better, it's a cluttered mess of tiles. Yawn.
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