Crytek on Ryse criticisms: We didn't show it in the best way

Speaking with MMGN, producer Michael Read said that unfortunately, what the team showed at E3 wasn't a good representation of the final product.

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Pandamobile1648d ago

At least they're honest about it.

Pandamobile1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Well yeah, they're explaining how a lot of the game mechanics weren't implemented yet and that they showed it before they should have.

Because it of all the buzz the next-gen consoles were generating, Crytek felt pressured into showing their work in order to capitalize on the exposure of being an early next-gen game.

They're admitting that it backfired on them when it QTE-heavy demo was getting mixed reviews from the gaming media. The primary focus of the E3 demo was on the visuals.

FamilyGuy1647d ago

What they showed at E3 was 1080p footage of Ryse, higher visual detail yet also having lots of glitches and jerky animations. Their final build is lower in detail because of the decrease in resolution but higher in quality because of the added shaders and (hopefully) fixed glitches and stable/locked frame rate.

A lot of games would have been better off shown at a later date. Devs should know better than to show us all the things wrong before the final build polish comes in to play.
I can understand it in betas but not at gaming events where media can tear them alive.

mochachino1648d ago

I have nothing against Ryse, it looks cool actually but I can't stand Crytek after never fixing the grain glitch in Crysis 2 for 360.

Vowed never to support them after that and never will. Their games have done poorly since too but they have been burning supporters for a while.

They are worst company at fixing bugs IMO so I'm not about to waste 60 bucks again and not be sure the company is willing to spend the money to fix game breaking bugs should the game sell under projections.

Convas1648d ago

Glad to see that they were aware of how poor a reflection that E3 footage was on the game.

Still one of my most anticipated launch titles though.

4logpc1648d ago

I have thought ryse looks great from the get go.

It seems like its going to be an 8-10 hour thrill ride. With amazing graphics and gruesome executions.

what's not to love?

christocolus1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

same here..this game will definitly sell well ...there is a sequel aleeady being planned.

iamnsuperman1647d ago

I really do not think it will sell that well. It hasn't been shown off very well (they admit that) and there are "better" more appealing games coming to the Xbox One on that launch day. I can see it being over severely over looked (the games-com impressions by IGN were not exactly favourable nor were they from Gametrailers).

christocolus1647d ago

i agree they made mistakes with the initial reveal and all but over all its on most xbx one buyers list.i believe it will be as sucessful as the first dead rising was on the xbx will be sucessful enough to get a sequel.

Aleithian1648d ago

"I have thought ryse looks great from the get go."

That's precisely the point - what you saw at the get go doesn't reflect the actual game.

ambientFLIER1647d ago

Um, Ryse looks better now than it did back then...

Metfanant1648d ago

just another example of how botched the Xbone launch has been up to this point...i TRULY believe that this console was never intended to launch in 2013...and if it was, it was not meant to be shown as early as it was...

MS was caught off guard by Sony's reveal...back at the end of 2012, into early 2013 there were lots of rumors floating around about a next gen console slipping into 2014...EVERYONE thought it was the PS4...nobody thought Sony would be ready to show a console early in 2013, let alone February...and not only that but everyone was convinced that MS would have the superior hardware...

When Sony announced their GPU at 1.84Tflops and 8GB of RAM, and available Holidays POSITIVE there was a collective "oh shit..." around a table in Redmond...

i cant wait to have both of these consoles, but i dont think anyone can deny that the Xbone has been a trainwreck up until recently...

Bigpappy1648d ago

They were obviously not well prepared. I believe it was the late work done to get Kinect where they wanted it. That held back finalizing the console and developers got working kits late. The messaging was all over the place.

They are making one hell of a recovery though.

Metfanant1648d ago

i agree for the most part...but they are still fighting the wrong battles..

- I wish they would drop the specs war...they CANT beat the PS4 in performance...

- the ironic part in all of this is that the talking points they SHOULD be using, are the same ones we as gamers blasted them for during the reveal..

- for the most part they have lost the early adopter...they will sell out all of the launch consoles they can make...but the PS4 is going to outsell them...they lost this battle by E3...what they need to do now is shift gears...SHOW people Kinect and why its cool...SHOW people why this TV stuff is cool, why snap is cool, etc...

Bigpappy1647d ago

I will believe PS4 power when I see it. I see nothing on PS4 that shows more power that X1.

Hercules1891648d ago

Do people actually believe that micro wasnt ready. Its been 8 yrs, I know the economy is not going well, but that doesnt stop ppl from buying mercedes. The point is micro has been more than ready for a while, and they spent more time investing into the future with stuff like azure.

Metfanant1648d ago

Yes, i actually believe they were not ready...they spent so much time investing in the "future" (Kinect and Cloud) that they put together weaker hardware that is less future proof then their major competitor...

ABeastNamedTariq1648d ago

I'm not going to answer your question, but I wanted to say that the XB1 hasn't been in development for 8 years like you insinuate. They started in 2010, IIRC (can't post a link from my phone). On the other hand, Sony started in 2008, I think. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. But I'm just saying...

BallsEye1647d ago

Yo. You're on n4g. In here, anything bad about micro is considered a fact. Let's forget how microsoft spent 4 billions just for some of it's tech. Let's forget all those hundreds of actually physical prototypes of XO , kinect 2.0 and controller. I'm sure it was all rushed and made in a week.

ambientFLIER1647d ago

Do you REALLY believe that MS, one of the biggest and most powerful companies with one of the biggest budgets, was caught OFF GUARD by sony's reveal?

Metfanant1647d ago

absolutely 100%....EVERYONE was...first party Sony developers did not even know they were going to have 8GB of RAM....

ambientFLIER1647d ago

Why would they care so much about 8GB of ram when their own console has more than enough? Ok, it's slower, yes, but there are ways around it.

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