Five More Horror Games to Play on Nintendo Consoles

Mini Fortress lists more horror games that can be enjoyed on Nintendo consoles throughout the Halloween season.

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DoctorJones1803d ago

Nightmare on Elm Street was horrific in the sense that it was so badly made you were scared to play it.

Neonridr1803d ago

Agreed, go watch James the Angry Video Game Nerd rant about that game.

However, I remember playing it using the Multi-tap so we could have 4 players playing. And that was kinda fun at the time.

But the game is just so awful, and barely has much of a connection to the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise other than shoehorning in Freddy here and there.

Much like another beloved LJN title - Friday the 13th

robparko1803d ago

Yeah, it's far from being a masterpiece. Though, I think it's a little better than Friday the 13th. However, the jumping in this game is damn frustrating.

RexFury1803d ago

Not a horror game but the Skulltula's in Ocarina of time used to scare the crap out of me!