Experts explain how Pokémon would survive in our world

If you collect Pokémon, you’ve most likely noticed how some take cues from real-world animals in terms of design and mannerism. From classics like Seel and Wailmer, to Pokémon X and Y’s Clauncher and Froakie, the types of animals used for inspiration are wildly varied. To find out which Pokémon could actually survive in the wild, we had a chat with some scientists. The results are about as shocking as a Pikachu’s thunderbolt striking a poor, crying Torchic.

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jounceman1769d ago

Eventually, if Hollywood films have taught us anything, real life Pokemon would rise up and destroy us. Much like self aware A.I., advanced extra terrestrials or my personal favorite, genetically enlarged babies.

Sadie21001769d ago

That is a HORRIFYING cat!

deantak1769d ago

Where'd you get that cat? Can I buy one?

kenthegreat11768d ago

Always knew Ursaring was the most dangerous one.