‘Halo 3’ now available for free on Xbox 360

Those with a Gold account and an Xbox 360 can download Bungie’s first Xbox 360 title, Halo 3, for no charge.

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PoSTedUP1683d ago

yeah because Nobody has played this game yet. MS are trolling 360 owners lol. jk, free is free i suppose.

Shadonic1683d ago

Still it is halo 3 and it is a great game.

PoSTedUP1683d ago

nah i know. and much better game than rainbow6vegas.

InMyOpinion1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

They could have at least went with Halo Reach.

As a 360 owner paying for Gold this feels kinda like a sick joke to me.

lastofgen1683d ago

Well, the game has sold around 12-13 million units, more or less and there are approximately 80 million xbox 360 owners.
That's still around ~67 million people who have not yet played the game.

PoSTedUP1683d ago

thanks for the math lesson, teach'.

aviator1891683d ago

Hopefully, we see a good spike in numbers in mp with this free give-away. There are some modes that I want to play but takes forever to find matches sometimes.

Muffins12231683d ago

Irony is even when they get the game they will get the message:"Need DLC to play all the gamemodes but two(lone wolf and team slayer) in halo 3"

Trolling at its finest

Pancit_Canton1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

80% of those 80 millions are multiple Xbox 360 owners due to RROD fiasco.

AlexanderNevermind1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Wasn't going to comment until; I read that the game only has two modes without DLC.

Honestly they are trolling their consumers with this. 6 yr old game with two modes.

Halo 4 is $10.00 at the moment which would put the value of this at Free to $2.00 Max.

This is sort of sad.

grifter0241683d ago


Actually if you don't have the DLC you will just not play the map, it won't be playable for you and won't be a choice.

This is on halo 2-Reach..I think 4 is the one you have to actually have the DLC to play. So people can still play all playlists.

CRAIG6671683d ago

Nope, a massive percentage of people bought the game 2nd hand, FAR more than 13 million people have played it... just saying.

I am so looking forward to playing this again especially against average players, it was pretty much only the super hardcore left so was no fun for a player lie me who is average at best in FPS.

robleroy1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

there is a thing called "used"...
people could sell a game they own to other gamers...
I've tried selling my halo3 game for 3 bucks (all in)
Nobody was interested in the netherlands...
but hey!..Maybe in the states some still are!!

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badz1491683d ago

no it's not! this free games campaign last until the release of the Xbone. after that no more!

even if they decide to do this kind of campaign again when the Xbox TWO comes in later, you'll get Ryse, an Xbone game, not a 360 game.

KONAAs1683d ago

The game was released on September 25, 2007, WOW 6 years after poor 360 owners,.... but for us in PS+ Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance February 19, 2013 Hitman: absolution, what a difference in game seletions

_QQ_1683d ago

and to people that played all 3 when they came out its just a ripoff pay 2 play online for both ps4/xboxone.

KONAAs1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

but you see, thats why u need to be smart, since i got ps+ i only get the game i really want the rest i wait, like hitman absolution, metalgear, saintrow 3rd, lbp2 lbpk, spacemarines 40,000, speco ops the line, hell last game i bought was The Last of Us and before that was BF3

BX811683d ago

Yeah, Rising and Hitman suck ballz. You see? It's all about what you like. That doesn't mean your taste is the best kid'o.

grifter0241683d ago

KonAAs- you are actually bragging about Hitman: Absolution? Wow that's pretty hilarious. I do agree that they are using old games, but they didn't have this service till a few months ago.

I mean if you want to be that way I can just say Party chat...what a difference!

KONAAs1681d ago

i never cared for party chat, or x game chat because that ruins team based games instead of talkign to your team u lose focuse, and ps3 has chat option to talk to up to 6 freidns on video or was it 4? anyways u can never used it i play games on the ps3 if i wana chat i got my phone or laptop

akurtz1683d ago

playstation plus got SofC last month and ICO, thats an 8 year old game but boy was IT FUN!
some games are exceptions, Halo 3 was a classic

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chito1016d1683d ago

I just ordered halo 4 from bestbuy for 10 bucks so I won't be needing this

aviator1891683d ago

Not even for the campaign?

Agent_00_Revan1683d ago

Did you pay the same campaign I did?

Kurt Russell1682d ago

Halo 3 campaign was great fun!

DonkeyWalrus1683d ago

But Halo 3 is vastly superior to Halo 4... waste of $10 I'd say, and I spent $100 on the limited edition, went to the midnight launch, beat the entire campaign in one sitting, etc. Huge disappointment.

Allsystemgamer1683d ago

Uh halo 3 was the shortest halo game. Halo 4 was awesome. Don't know what game you played

DonkeyWalrus1681d ago


Halo 4 is absolute garbage compared to Halo 3. You clearly never played Halo 3 competitively. Halo 3 held the number 1 spot on Xbox Live long after it's release. Halo 4 hasn't even been out a year and it can't even stay in the top 10.

It may be a decent game to someone who hasn't played past Halo games, but it is a terrible Halo game. It can hardly even be considered a Halo game really when you look at all the things 343 put into the game. They completely diverted from the core arena-style gameplay that defines Halo and instead went with unbalanced BS casual FPS garbage. Personal Ordnance, Perosnal Loadouts, Perks, Sprint, Flinch, Armor Abilities, etc = NOT Halo.

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