Watch Dogs Playstation 4 Interview @GamerFitnation

GamerFitNation’s Antwand “BlackBible” Pearman didn’t need to hack into Ubisoft studio’s mainframe to grab the latest news on Watch Dogs for the PlayStation 4. They cooperated and gave him an interview before he had the chance! We still got all the latest intel, though. Through BlackBible’s amazing cunning and linguistic skills, he was able to nab some secrets even Ubisoft wasn’t prepared to give away. Check out the video below to keep your database up to date and ahead of the game.

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Eonjay1588d ago

Oh yeah, Watch Dogs...

Destrania1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

The game that people will care less about by next Spring when it actually releases. (only slight sarcasm)


It's funny how I ask him about if they had enough time. He said Yes in this interview but the truth was they really didn't have enough time.

MasterCornholio1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I hate throw out a theory but I believe that they might have been having an issue with one of the consoles and since they can't delay just one version of the game they decided to delay all of them.

P.S And I don't think it was any of the consoles that they showed gameplay footage for.

Nexus 7 2013

ThatEnglishDude1588d ago

Still really looking forward to it! I'm off for a delay if it improves upon the quality of it. That said, I think they've made quite a mess with the console bundle situation.

That aside, I don't feel angry about it. What looks great now will look even better then.

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