The 3 Best and 3 Worst Uses of Famous Actors in Video Games

The incorporation of Hollywood stars into our consoles and PC’s has been done before, both well and poorly. Here’s a few examples of each extreme.
From HalfBeard's HUD.

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GribbleGrunger1682d ago

What I want to know is why do articles of this nature invariably have a picture from a PS3 game?

TekoIie1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

So your questioning why the submitter conveniently chose the first image in the article, rather than look at all the images and evaluating them all until they find out which one is the "most" neutral?

EDIT: On top of that it's relevant to mention that the article seems to favour Beyond: Two Souls if anything :/

"And I for one welcome her, as well as Mr. Dafoe, to the world of video games in Beyond: Two Souls. And it’s interesting to see them participate as the stars of the game rather than just voice actors."

GribbleGrunger1682d ago

Yeah, you are right. In my defence, I was cream crackered last night

Rimeskeem1682d ago

Because the picture relates to the article and its very recent and as far as i know xbox doesnt have nearly as many exclusives like this

j-blaze1682d ago

after it got many low scores and criticism and eventually low sales, i imagine if Beyond was a multiplat game "ps3, 360" idiots will be blaming MS and their console for all this and that's a FACT

DigitalRaptor1681d ago

What you said makes zero sense whatsoever. It's good to see that in the time I haven't seen you around here, your delusions haven't changed.

Auron1682d ago

Why isn't Riddick on the best???

DoctorJones1682d ago

A good list, but I'm surprised San Andreas isn't on there. Samuel L Jackson as Officer Tenpenny was excellent, and James Woods and Peter Fonda were also used to great effect.

Roccetarius1682d ago

Wheelman is probably Riddick's worst example.

SegaGamer1682d ago

I don't like seeing actors faces in games, i hope this isn't something that catches on.