Full gameplay Killer Instinct: In the raw #1

Youtube user Mile923 post a full on gameplay of Killer Instinct matches with no edits enjoy.
Killer Instinct character leaked also included.

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JokesOnYou1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Nice, so fast, so pretty, the characters and effects are well done....Xbox folks have been asking for a new Killer Instinct for a long time, finally its here.

GiggMan1805d ago

Does look pretty fun. I don't remember "Crazy Combo" in the first one though. It's kinda throwing me off.

Fireseed1804d ago

It's a new one requested by the KI community

Fireseed1804d ago

That Glacius Counter Breaker was the most hype thing I've ever seen in a match. If only he could've pulled out a win :/

Convas1804d ago

Yeah, Sadira tore him a new one.

Fireseed1804d ago

Idk it was a pretty even fight throughout but Glacius lost that match when he followed up his final combo with a HEAVY Cold Shoulder rather than a light or a medium where he could've easily finished her by doing the dmg or initiating the Ultra.

no_more_trolling1804d ago

wow this looks awesome as hell

aviator1891804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I honestly didn't think much of this game when it was revealed (probably due to a poor reveal trailer), but oh man, it's looking darn sweet now.

And I'm really digging that background soundtrack.

josephayal1804d ago

looks perfect in 1080p, def the best looking Xbox One game

Bigpappy1804d ago

Knack is 1080p on PS4. This is only 720p I believe. You chose which game you prefer.

Naga1804d ago

@ Bigpappy

Good grief, kid. Go away.

Killer Instinct is a hardcore fighting game. Knack is a lighthearted platformer. Can you stop being a fanboy for just one bloody second and let gamers appreciate games for what they are?

This game looks great, and it's going to be a hit. I'm not going to talk about the merits of Knack on the PS4... because this is an article about Killer Instinct on the Xbox One.


Muadiib1804d ago

Killer Instinct is far better looking though, shows you how overrated 1080p is, 60 fps is far more important.

no_more_trolling1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

any crappy game can run on 1080p
knack is utter garbage

good luck with your knack dumbass

you really are one of the reasons why people hate PS4 fanboys. scum of the gaming world

Bigpappy1804d ago

Muadiib got my point. This is not about PS4 VS X1. This is about mostly PS fans pushing 1080p as the end all be all for how attractive a game will be. I just used the to game to make that point. KI is clearly the more attractive game.

ThanatosDMC1804d ago

720p > 1080p

Wtf kind of logic is that?

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