HeyUGuys Gaming Review: Star Wars - The Force Collection

HUGG writes: Star Wars: The Force Collection causes a disturbance in the force – thankfully, it’s a positive one.

I am a product of the generation that grew up on the original Star Wars trilogy. I had all the action figures. I had a Star Wars bed spread (and still would if it was up to me). I have an R2-D2 alarm clock somewhere in the house. I have had various “special editions” of all of the movies over the years. It is safe to say, I love Star Wars (yes, even the modern trilogy) so when Star Wars: The Force Collection was announced, a free-to-play Card capture and battle game for iOS & Android, I was ecstatic if a little apprehensive.

The problem is that card capture games have been springing up all over the mobile gaming market and most of them are either boring, money grabbing or play fast and loose with the source material – basically, all of them have been poor – until now.

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