Microsoft’s Albert Penello Investigates on Xbox One/PS4 Resolution Differences, Discusses Findings

Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning Albert Penello has been on the forefront of the promotion of the Xbox One lately, but apparently he’s also been asking himself some questions about the relative power of the Xbox One and its rival, the PS4. There have been lots of news and rumors on what games runs at what resolution and framerate on what platform, and apparently Penello decided to try and find out some solid data.

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Godmars2901739d ago

No, no, don't tell me; he votes in favor of the XB1.

Abriael1739d ago

Actually no, he dosn't.

Dee_911738d ago

I actually like this dude better than the last one
At least he's honest and doesn't try to twist crap.

DigitalRaptor1739d ago

What a sad situation when the Director of Product Planning has to come on Neogaf to damage control against a list of games that he isn't even responsible for, in the very first place.

What have Microsoft come to? First it was putting Larry the dog into the wild to get shot down, but now Penello is being appointed as community Xbox One brand reputation management, and can't even do that right?

Godmars2901739d ago

What's sad is that I recently noticed that in a promo pic of DR3 all the characters are floating off the ground.

I mean its a premiere XB1 title, and they're promoting it with a picture that shows a glitch.

And no, Penello shouldn't have to do anything like this on gaming forums. Especially shouldn't be doing it badly.

As to your 3.1.2 comment: Guess we'll just have to see what's going to be an actual or timed exclusive on the PS4 then, wont we? Though isn't the Joker levels from Arkham Asylum still PS3-only?

Mystogan1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I think he's doing a great job. Its just that it doesn't work on PSfanboys like you, no matter what he says or does PSfanboys will still spin it into something negative.

"Penello saves the world by destroying an asteroid" PSfanboys: What an asshole! he just killed that asteroid!! What is he doing saving the world in the first place? He should be making games like Sony is doing!

"Penello adopts a dozen kittens"

PSfanboys: OMG did he just take a dozen kittens from their home? What an asshole!

rainslacker1739d ago

I was never really sure what to think of Penello. I really want to give him the benefit of the doubt that he truly believes in what he's trying to sell. But I have to question his tactic of asking the community for the answers to the questions that they are asking him.

I honestly believe MS needs to stop trying to compare the Xbox One to the PS4, whether directly or implied. It's the wrong tactic right now. Sony has everything going for them right now, and this whole tactic is just making MS look like an envious school child trying to be more like his big brother to impress the older kids at school.

MS has it's good points, they should focus on those. Address what happened directly. Give firm, clear answers, and let the Xbox One sell itself. It worked for the 360.

Ryto1738d ago

I think Penello came across very honest and straight forward. Found that a quite interesting read.

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kevnb1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

is this legit? the ps4 must have a bigger advantage than I thought. What if we run the ps4 at lower res, do we get higher fps?

Globox20121739d ago

Can't tell if he's beginning to worry or not, but to be honest let the games decide.

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BlackTar1871739d ago

Res is nothing compared to story and gameplay.

Sorry this nonsense about RES and graphics being so important makes me feel like we lost touch of whats important about games. Sure its nice to have all but the measuring stick doesn't start or end with graphics.

If Last of us was on ps2 the game and story telling would still have me excited.

Gameplay and story conquer all.

GortJester1739d ago

You are absolutely correct, and I've grown more and more ashamed of fellow gamer's in the community the last 10 years or so. What happened to just enjoying games? I get it, it's fun to poke fun sometimes if its in good spirit, but at the end of the day, don't we all just want good experiences in our favorite medium? Buy Both, Buy One, Buy the other, who cares?

JunkieJedi1739d ago

Or if res and graphics don't matter to neither!

Nocando1739d ago

Read "Lord of the Flies", I think it's kinda like that.

Jazz41081739d ago

Who cares? Sony fans do. You cant enjoy another product on this site and be sane. Bzzzzzzz

cell9891738d ago

but dont you see, The Last Of Us ahs great story, great gameplay, and great GRAPHICS, is it too much as a gamer to ask for all three? do we have to settle for less, for trade offs?