Keyboard/Mouse VS Controllers For Games

An age old rivalry that has existed between gamers apart from the usual war between consoles and PC is of the preferred medium of interface to interact and play games with. Consoles have been popular with the consumers with its portable and handy controller setup whereas PCs have always used the Keyboard/Mouse (herein referred to as KB/M) setup even apart from the gaming scene for its input interface. 10-15 years ago we couldn't have imagined PCs being used with any other combination to get around, right now we also have touch interface to interact with PCs but still not as popular as the KB/M combo.

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DejectedJeff1769d ago

keyboard for fpsrpgs, fps's, rts's, controller for action games, platformers, and fighting games.

RadioActiveTwinky1769d ago

Only thing I have to disagree is the Fighting Games. Fight stick only. No controller.

ShinMaster1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Keyboard/Mouse for FPS, RTS and other point-click games.

Controller for TPS, Action, Platformers and Fighting games.

@ RadioActiveTwinky
Not necessarily. Fight sticks, or arcades sticks, are the traditional method since most fighting games started in arcades. Not always the best method for everyone. With a good d-pad and responsive buttons, controllers work just as well.

NarooN1769d ago

I play Tekken and most of my mains are the Mishima characters, who are known for having some of the most difficult execution in the whole series, and I use a controller and do just fine against stick users.

When it comes to fighting games, the input method you're best with will be the one you're most comfortable with. I'd say the only exception to this is games like Street Fighter, more specifically characters like Zangeif with those ridiculous 360 motion moves, lol.

Brazz1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

i agree that fighting sticks are the way to go, best experience, but ya can have good times whit Dual shock of the playstation, yup dualshock 1-3 is very good for some games like guilty gears, marvel, blazblue, tekken, soul calibur, DS 4 is, alson, looking prety promising...

d3nworth11769d ago

I'd say a controller can play all types of games but not the best for any type. Like Fight stick are only good for fighers and a steering wheel is only good for driving sims but a controller can play both.

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herbs1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Depends if you like to sit forward and upright (keyboard and mouse) or sit back and relax (gaming controller)
I personally enjoy sitting back and chilling on the couch over sitting at a desk with the screen all up in my face but that's just me.
Obviously each has its advantages and disadvantages better suited for different kinds of games etc.
On a side note I'm super impressed with the Gamepad and its symmetrical dual stick layout. Once you get used to the feel of it you realize that your able to use the right stick and press buttons simultaneously something you are unable to do with both Sony and Microsofts controller layouts. I have demoed the new Xbox design as well as the new dual shock and I feel they offer nothing really new for gaming unlike the Gamepad.

KiLLeRCLaM1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I sit back and relax on my lazy boy with my mouse and keyboard.. and I have a controller for sports games and racing and fighting games so you don't need console to chill and play.. I play on a 60" though :D

TheGrimReaper00111769d ago

Agreed, racing games either wheel or controller as well
RPG's can work on both, hotkeys to switch between stuff, makes a keyboard (or razer naga) a god send.
But games like demon souls (or dark souls) Kingdom Hearts and such, controller are better IMO

kingduqc1768d ago

This, so glad I don't have to chose on pc...

suck to be stuck on 1 input scheme on console...

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JediDiah1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Controller for Driving games too! :)

MajorGecko1769d ago

that's the one thing I cant do on PC is play a driving game on mouse on keyboard.

0ut1awed1769d ago

You and me both brother.

Mouse and keyboard for anything else for me personally though.

skydragoonity1769d ago

A controller gives a gamer the ultimate method of playing games.. Keyboards are for typing & the mouse is.... the mouse.

NarooN1769d ago

Keyboards are almost crucial for RTS games and even some action/adventure and FPS games that have lots of different functions available to the player. E.g. a game like STALKER, where you have different keys for a quick-bandage, quick-medkit, quick-food or drink, change ammo type, change fire rate type, inventory, suit night-vision, PDA, crouch, low-crouch, jump, sprint, drop current item, switch to under-barrel GL, interact, etc. Sometimes gameplay can be downgraded when trying to remap all of that to a pad.

I'd say keyboard/mouse is the definitive setup for FPS or shooters in general, though it depends on what kind of game it is. I couldn't dream of playing a game like Quake on a controller, despite how good I am (not to brag) with a controller.

As for mouse, it gives you much higher precision than analog sticks do, that's a given. Anyone can use a mouse.

That said, I'd never try to use a keyboard to play a driving/racing game, or a platformer, or fighting game, etc. That's why I currently have a DualShock 3 dedicated solely to my PC for when I wanna use a controller. :)

Brucis1769d ago

You have no idea what you're talking about. There are games that are better with a controller (Action games, fighters, driving games, some platformers) and those that are better with M+KB (FPS, RTS, most MMOs). There is no 'ultimate' method of playing games because each one of them has a flaw that makes it hard to do some things as well as the other.

bigrob9041769d ago

i'm with you, keyboards are for typing. a controller is specifically designed for the express purpose of gaming, how could anybody say that a keyboard built to type papers is better. now of course there are some exception like rts games where it's preferable to use a mouse. people say using mouse and keyboard is better for fps but is it really that hard for you to use the sticks on the controller? i use them just fine.

NarooN1769d ago

Using the analog sticks isn't hard once you get used to it. I remember popping headshots half-way across the map on the original Killzone Online with the Helghast pistol back in the day.

But to put it into perspective, go look up some pro-level Quake 1v1 matches or even a CTF match, and you'll see how a lot of the advanced techniques that are required to play that game are impossible or unfeasible with analog sticks.

JediDiah1769d ago

Hummm maybe a "Keytrollermouse" for Next Gen!

_QQ_1769d ago

steam controller= dilemma solved.

wsoutlaw871769d ago

how does that solve anything. its just a controler

DomceM1769d ago


its supposed to be the bridging gap between controllers and kbm. Best of both worlds essentially.

So no, its not "just" a controller.

But if it works how its intended is yet to remain seen.

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