GTA Online Cheaters Pool Coming

Rockstar is implementing a cheaters pool included in patch 1.04 of GTA V.

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GarrusVakarian1561d ago

Awesome idea, let all the cheaters and exploiters rip chunks out of each other instead of trolling people who want to play the game legitimately.

bohemian 231561d ago

That's funny, so that tells me the two guys in tanks yesterday driving around blowing everyone up, will be there, I did manage to snipe one from the tallest building in the city, but unfortunately I wasn't able to pull it off again. This is the perfect solution, let the jerks play together. No ban, they can still play, and get a feel for what they do to people. Lol

N4Gguy11560d ago

See you soon hackers :D

GentlemenRUs1560d ago

Hopefully everyone who glitched/exploited a bug to make millions and a ton of xp!

About time someone put their foot down to these morons! Also I called it on the GTAF weeks ago :-D

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