Steam Machines Are Just Like PC Gamers - Full Of Hot Air

CCC Says: "It was back in 2012 when rumors about Valve's supposed Steam Box started to materialize. These rumors occurred not too long after the Alienware X51 was announced, so the idea of a console-sized gaming PC was already ripe in our brain. We were ready for an alternative to the traditional living-room gaming console, and it seemed like no company would be better suited for the task than Valve. Think about it. Valve runs the most dominant PC digital-distribution gaming service in Steam, and is known for selling games really cheap and has a fantastic relationship with its customers. The reality of a Steam Box had the potential to seriously change gaming's landscape right from the start. Over a year later, Steam Machines were revealed. However, the announcement wasn't as paradigm shifting as I hoped. While the potential is certainly there, I think it will take some years before a Steam Machine can truly sit beside other consoles as an equal."

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MultiConsoleGamer1619d ago

Steam boxes have yet to be revealed. Only Piston.

zeal0us1619d ago

Rumor specs for them has been reveal for the prototype. Though nothing is official yet. The author of the opinion piece seem to be looking at the Steam machines the wrong way.

Steam machines and SteamOS aren't suppose to be this fictitious console or pc killers. In my humble opinion they are suppose to be decent alternative to the Windows platform that gives Valve more control or even full control.

nofallouthero1619d ago

couldnt you just install windows on linux and dual boot it.

Peekayboo1619d ago

John Carmack
"Considering the boost Mantle could give to a steambox, MS and Sony may wind up being downright hostile to it."