Reaction: Watch Dogs' Delay Is a Shame, but PS4 Won't Lose Connection with Consumers

Push Square: "Ubisoft called in some unexpected news earlier today when it delayed Watch Dogs into the vague window of spring 2014. The Chicago-based sandbox excursion had been set to tap into systems next month, but now it will be locked down until next year. The shock decision will have a negative impact on each of the major home consoles’ Christmas lineups – but it’s hard not to feel that the PlayStation 4 has drawn the short end of the straw. What does the revelation mean for the launch of Sony’s next generation system, though – and is the announcement as disastrous as some observers are making out?"

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TomShoe1683d ago

Sony will probably either give out a voucher for a free copy, or add another first party title, like Killzone SF.

Good thing Sony listens to their consumers.

DanielGearSolid1683d ago

Ubisoft screwed up, Sony's gonna pay for it... Smh

Cant imagine how pissed Sony is

joab7771683d ago

Its very strange. I am thinking that they didn't want to launch AC 4 and Watch Dogs at the same time. Cuz Watch Dogs was gonna sell well. Maybe they r worries that there simply won't b enoughmoney to spend. Better to move it to tax time.

Sevir1683d ago

I'm gutted, as Watch_Dogs was the standout multiplatform title. Had the game totally paid off. Guess it's down to injustice, killzone knack and Driveclub.. ignoring battlefield 4

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