Check Out an In-Depth Comparison Between the New PCH-2000 PS Vita and the Old: Size, Buttons, Screen

There have been quite a few comparison videos between the new PCH-2000 PS Vita and the old PCH-1000, but this pair of clips published today is one of the best, as it goes in great detail comparing not only the size and screen of the two portable consoles, but also the buttons, the rear touch pad, the shape and build quality of various elements and more.

The first video focuses on the unboxing and on the physical features of the two incarnations of the Vita: size, buttons, shape, build quality and so forth. The second video showcases the two screens by comparing them on the UI and with Malicious Rebirth and Mega Man 2.

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mdluffy1800d ago

The new vita looks cheaper, and the screen is just worse than the first vita model...

N4GCB1800d ago

Well, it is cheaper so... yeah?

At-least you can press the start and select buttons though, I always have troubles with them.

sinncross1800d ago

having played the new Vita on a variety at games at TGS this year, I can assure you that it is perfectly fine. It feels looks more like a nitendo type product than the high end devices known from Sony.

But it was perfectly fine and comfortable to use. i would buy one if i didnt have the original.

N4GCB1800d ago

It really does look like a nintendo product, it's very round.

Abriael1800d ago

or.. oh my god... an apple product.

Knushwood Butt1800d ago

For what it's worth, a guy at work, who is a big, long-term gamer, had both, and rates the new Vita.

He said there's nothing, 'funny' with the new screen.

He also praised the weight reduction and improved battery life.

Me? I'm sticking with my launch model.

TomShoe1800d ago

Looks nice.

I'll still probably be getting the original one though for the OLED screen and the more glossy look.

The new one is still good for more entry level gamers though.

HighResHero1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I just got the Vita oLED PCH-1000 or whatever and it's amazing.
This kinda reminds me of the PSPs iterations. I had all 3 at one point and the 1000 felt the most solid, the 2000 felt kinda cheap yet durable, and the 3000 improved upon the build quality while offering the new features of the previous model.

vikingland11800d ago

Without a side by side comparison the average consumer will never know the difference.

GentlemenRUs1800d ago

I still love my OLED launch edition :)

My_precious1800d ago

yes, i think i'll hold my 1k for awhile, maybe till they decide to make the 3k model with OLED screen again

and i fear that my nyko power grip won't work for this 2k model due of this model is thinner than the 1k model

wynams1800d ago

Dope vids.

I had no idea you could group icons in folders.

BRB rearranging the vita

Skate-AK1800d ago

Yeah it came in an update like over 6 months ago.

Mikey322301800d ago

The only things better about the new vita are:

-Raised Buttons (especially multitasking PS Button)
-Batterylife / lightness / thinness
-MicroUSB support

other than that i love the original build quality and screen

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