Ubisoft Explains the Watch Dogs Delay: Wasn’t due to GTAV, Game has Been in Development for 5 Years

With the news now out that Watch Dogs will be delayed to Spring 2014 on every system, some people are wondering what happened to make such a big delay happen so close to the originally planned release date (one month from now). - PSLS

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jay21806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Shouldn't have made it for CURRENT GEN :@. They need to SHUT UP about this game being NEXT GEN, Yes it's on Next gen hardware BUT it's on what will be 9 year old hardware as well. If you're making the first truly next gen game, you do it on those consoles only (and PC if you wish).

zeal0us1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Even if they had fully made it for next gen only, I think Ubisoft still would have delayed it. Possibly Ubisoft didn't want it eating AC4 sales.

5 months apart you can safely launch another game without it affecting the previous game. Though if that was the case what about Farcry 3 and AC3 both were launch almost a month apart.

Then there's the rumor a few months ago that possibly could apply to this situation. Maybe Microsoft do have a policy which states the XB1 version must the same as the PS4 version and can't be inferior to it. Though if that was true Ubisoft wouldn't have waited till the last minute to delay the game.

I guess we will never know why they truly delayed it.

jay21806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Nah, they could have had the 100's of staff working on the 3 other ports working on it to polish it, I don't really feel that they want the delay (hoping it comes out sooner than 5 months late). They'd have already decided a LONG time ago if they wanted a break between this and AC4 bud and wouldn't have given us a 15/11 (as the US were to get it) date. Like you said with the Xbone theory, why wait a month? I think this is a genuine issue.......But W_D's not this truly next gen game because it's catering nearly decade old hardware.

vishmarx1805d ago

ac4 would never sell for more than 2-3 weeks.
and this polish thing is bs.nobody after 5 years and weeks from release realizes the game needs more polish.
it should of been going gold by now considering it was bundeled with a next gen launch

MestreRothN4G1805d ago

We know why it got delayed.

GTA V, in case you don't.

1nsomniac1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Microsoft & Sony both have policies & have done since the beginning of this gen that if the game releases later on their system then it has to have extra content added.

My guess is that as of 3-5 weeks ago Xbone reportedly didn't have working dev drivers & tools & as PS4 already has 1 hour of extra licenced content they've had to hold both back so XBone can catch up so it's an equal par for release of their standard edition as it would have to get delayed either way.

evilhasitsway1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

@vishmarx yes look at gta v got pushed what like 3 times and they have worked on gta twice if not three times longer. gta v was in devolpement for like 10+yrs

DragonKnight1805d ago

@1nsomniac: MS' policies are documented, do you have documents that show Sony has a "you can't make the game inferior on the PS platform or else" policy? Because Bayonetta and a host of other games says hi.

UltimateMaster1805d ago

Development for 5 years!?
I really don't know what to say except if you try to damage control, best thing for you, don't talk...
Final Fantasy XIII only took 4 years and it felt forever.

osprey191804d ago

I don't think it would have eaten ac4 sales, if u love open world games like watchdogs and ac4. People will just get both. I knw i was gonna for launch.

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cunnilumpkin1805d ago


your comment makes no sense

there are pc games from 3 years ago that look better than anything ever will on xbox1/ps4

enjoy 900p

MestreRothN4G1805d ago

Enjoy most of the top tier games on Youtube. On any resolution you like.

Magicite1805d ago

I guess You are talking about Metro 2033. I still think PS4 wiil have better looking games.

windblowsagain1805d ago

You are talking crap.

As for metro, did not impress me at all.

CRYSIS3 looks much better and runs better.

BF3 looks better.


You can run BF3 medium&high @ 60fps in a 64player map with an ati 6870.

PS4 destroys 680gtx compute wise, has enough bandwidth easily for 1080p. You'll see soon enough.

MiHX21805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Current-gen can handle a half of it.Ubisoft will need to downgrade the graphics for it.(See MW3 for Wii vs Xbox 360 as an example,Because Wii didn't have enough power)

FragMnTagM1805d ago

I bet they are too busy playing GTA Online to finish the game.

Watch Dogs looks amazing, I hope it does well. Sucks that I can't play it this winter. Not too upset about it as there are a ton of games to hold anyone over that was waiting for this one.

jrbeerman111804d ago

Maybe they played gta v and thought, "damn why didnt we think of that?" for any number of things.

Could be simple as thinking gtav was better and they need to tweak a little here or there.

That would explain timing anyways

thechosenone1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

It's been in development for 5yrs and it still needed more time on top of that? wtf

JackISbacK1804d ago

ok games are made on pc on the bases of hardware that is present at that time ,years back only they decided to make a game which will require great hardware ,only they know was that at that time they may can see next gen console,there are no next gen PCs even hardware present 5 years back were more powerful than ps4 and xbox one .only their target was to mqake a game with higher requirements so that they can also release on next gen ,and watch dogs basic and leading device is pc only game will feel best on pc they have already stated that.

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GarrusVakarian1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Mmmmmmm 5 year development time *drools*

Keep it cookin' Ubisoft, i can wait a little longer.

Also, LOL at the article picture!

MestreRothN4G1805d ago

Delays always mean the same thing: Development is not going as expected.

Funny how some people still receive it as a good sign...

FragMnTagM1805d ago

They might have found a really nasty bug and needed to remedy it.

Or, they could have added some things to it, that just didn't work with the existing code and had to rewrite some of it.

Maybe they did some upgrades to their engine.

What I think happened is that they knew they would get slaughtered this Christmas, especially with an as of yet unproven IP.

Smart move to release it when there aren't a lot of game releases.

sagesurge1805d ago

what is going on with that picture lol

TomahawkX1805d ago

It's a dog watching Kaz Hirai. Watch Dogs, get it?

sagesurge1805d ago

that's HILARIOUS!! GREAT picture!

EXVirtual1805d ago

5 years in development? You shouldn't need to delay a game after that long. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. We're talking about GTA. A series that has been around for so long and has built up such a huge fanbase. You're releasing a new IP. Which one do you think is gonna get more hype?

sigfredod1805d ago

Sorry Ubi but you lost a lot of respect on my opinion, you don´t delay a game 1 month before launch, if your game was not ready or you didn't want to cempete against other title you could have anounce this 6 months ago, hell even 3 months ago

TheGrimReaper00111804d ago

Rayman Legends says hi
delayed 2 weeks before launch for multiplat
and now that it's out, from the look of sales, not to many care for it anymore

Atomicjuicer1804d ago

It will be the same with watch dogs. My guess is they saw the splintercell blacklist sales and freaked out.

This is a serious mistake if they think they don't want to be an early adopter game in case the sales are low.

Ubisoft are idiots and are damaging the market.

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