Gamers XTREME - Beyond: Two Souls Review: “Defying Everything We Know About Games and the Afterlife”

VengefulTorture: "Beyond: Two Souls is a fascinating experience that will force you to dive deep into your consciousness to understand the portrayals of life and death as you know it. Impeccable acting and representation of characters and events make you feel like you’re participating in a cinematic experience, and the emotional ties that go along with it won’t let you forget that your choices really matter. If you can get past some minor inconsistencies and be patient in knowing that you can’t know everything, whichever ending you choose, you won’t be let down."

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1734d ago
WarThunder1734d ago

Great game for what it is!

GentlemenRUs1734d ago

I wish more people out there would think the same way...

Only half way though it and I loved every single second of it!

DigitalRaptor1734d ago

As usual, despite its flaws, a Quantic Dream game entered my heart and my mind and never left.

I couldn't be more excited for their next game on PS4.

SolidGear31733d ago

Best game I've ever played alongside The Last of Us, BioShock, Catherine and Heavy Rain. I've been a gamer since 1991 on top of it.