Analyst: US PS3 Sales in September 2013 Will Top Xbox 360 for the First Time in 32 Months

With the final NPD US sales numbers for the month of September 2013 being released this Thursday, Wedbush Securities brought out their estimates, predicting that it will be a huge month, mostly due to Grand Theft Auto V. - PSLS

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majiebeast1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Would be worth it just to see Microsoft not being able to mention it after every NPD report, it got old real fast.

black0o1648d ago

wait a sec MS did mention NPD but not about the sells this time it was about the % of online players

Ezz20131648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

can it be that they lost the last place for them on earth to ps3 ?!

anyway nextgen is going to be very different than this gen in sales,games etc
and with not a single advantage for the rival and no year head start...thank god for that

pogayoga11648d ago

Yes, certainly so.

The primary reason the PS3 will outsell the Xbox 360 in the US in September is because of the GTA V PS3 bundle. That actually caused a huge spike in PS3s sold worldwide.

showtimefolks1648d ago

ps3 has been outselling xbox360 since launch nothing new, usa is not the world. but its good for sony i guess as a moral victory

GribbleGrunger1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

I'm assuming they're taking into consideration the fact that Sony have lots of exclusives they can add to bundles. I don't think it's impossible but I find it unlikely; although the difference between the two consoles has been shrinking for the last three years. Last year the 360 outsold the PS3 by 500,000 units (800,000 the year before and 1.2 million the year before that). It depends on whether MS want to focus entirely on the X1 because of the pressure from PS4 pre-orders. I'll say it will be more or less level this Christmas.

aCasualGamer1648d ago

Microsoft held the throne for quite some time this generation, but Sony came back strong and finished first at the finish line.

PS3 - 79,9 millions

360 - 78,8 millions

There was a lot of doubters against Sony but they managed to pull it off and they're at the top.

Nextgen will probably be even better for Sony with the lack of doubters on PS4.

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Game4life1648d ago

well yeah. i mean when your at the top, you have nowhere to go but down. But at least they realized what was wrong and fixed it.

GribbleGrunger1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Why have you quoted world wide numbers in a thread about American sales? MS have beaten Sony at Christmas for over three years straight but Sony have always sold more consoles over the full year. I'm starting to feel really embarrassed about being a Sony fan. I bet those 4 disagrees are from Sony fanboys who don't understand I'm talking about the Christmas period sales.

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TrendyGamers1648d ago

It would be nice to see to close out the months before next-gen.

Godmars2901648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

*Darth Vader Voice*

And now your failure is complete. Now you know the *POWER* of the Darkside - have a cookie!

(If its true)

Seriously, at the very least GTA being as big as it is might mean that open world game mechanics become the new thing. For AAA anyway.

bobsmith1648d ago

ps3 has gran turismo 6 coming this year 360 has no big exclusive releasing this year
ps3 sales should pass xbox

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