What The Delay of Watch_Dogs Means for the Wii U Version

Ubisoft's delay of Watch_Dogs spawns an encouraging outlook for the performance of the Wii U version of the game.

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Munnkyman1650d ago

What scares me though is that if lets say assassins creed fails to sell on wii u and also whatever other ubisoft games fails to sell, they could cancel the wii u version of watch dogs. Hopefully it doesnt become the case

mii-gamer1650d ago

it won't happen. They would have spent to much time and resources to cancel. if it does flop at least they will get some return as oppose to none if they cancel it.

awesomeabe19981650d ago


Crysis 3 was still being developed, but Watch Dogs is already fully developed and only being tweaked. Ubisoft already developed the graphics and gameplay.

Anyways, if that were to happen with Watch Dogs, Ubisoft will eat Sh**, because Nintendo Wii U owners will stop buying their games and since Rayman Legends sold almost 50% on Wii U that wont be good.

mii-gamer1650d ago


Crysis 3 wasn't formally announced for the Wii U.
Watch dogs has been It would be a massive PR disaster if it was cancelled for the Wii U. Delaying watch dogs so close has to release has already left a foul taste in some people's mouth - i doubt ubisoft is willing to create another controversy

Munnkyman1649d ago

Thats what i am hoping for. Def will buy the wii u version since im going to hold out buying a ps4 till the holidays next year.

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lilbroRx1650d ago

Assassin's Creed 4 is guaranteed to fail. They announced that they short changing people who buy it already, just like with Arkham Origins and Most Wanted U, only the Assassin's Creed IV isn't getting any kind of price cut to make up for it.

McScroggz1650d ago

This is a very odd inference by the author. I mean, just because Mario Kart 8 will presumably release before Watch_Dogs that doesn't mean there will be a significant increase in sales for the game. If people want the best version of the game they will buy it on the PS4 or Xbox One. If they aren't getting a new console, there are 80 million PS3 and Xbox 360's.

This just seems like grasping at straws.

Yep1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Might want to work on those comprehension skills there buddy.

"...meaning that Watch_Dogs will have a better chance of performing well on the platform, as the Wii U is expected to considerably pick up in numbers over the holidays after the release of Mario Kart 8 in Spring."

No where does the author conclude a significant increase in sales.

The fact that you distorted the words to make it seem like he was shows your real intentions.

McScroggz1650d ago

"...meaning that Watch_Dogs will have a better chance of performing well on the platform..."

I don't know about you, but when I read that sentence I don't think to myself, "Gee, now Watch_Dogs might sell a couple more copies." The whole idea that the Wii U will sell better because of Mario Kart 8, therefore Watch_Dogs will sell better on the Wii U pretty obviously implies a significant change - otherwise what is the point of this article? To say Watch_Dogs will sell slightly better? No. It's to imply Watch_Dogs will sell a lot more copies on the Wii U because there will naturally be a lot more owners of the console.

But hey, logic doesn't matter on here because internetz.

Realplaya1650d ago

I think what he's implying is if Mario Kart moves systems then watch dogs has a better chance to move more units. Release it now with about 5 million or release with about 6 to 7 million. you can therefore sale more copies.

Neonridr1649d ago

McScroggz - Mario Kart will move systems. There will be more Wii U owners after this holiday season - FACT. Therefore there is a better chance for the Wii U version to move a few more units - FACT. I am having a hard time understanding how you don't see this simple fact.

Gemmol1650d ago

why would other verisons be better, I can see some great ideas for the gamepad that would make the game more fun to play

McScroggz1650d ago

The increased power. Look at the difference between the current gen and next gen versions. Not only does the game look quite better on next gen consoles, but also a lot of things are watered down (AI, amount of enemies on screen, particle effects, etc.).

As for the GamePad, unfortunately I don't see many third party developers going out of their way to find innovative uses for the GamePad when their game is being made for multiple consoles. Sure, Ubisoft could make some cool features for the GamePad, but if I had to guess it would likely be a map/inventory or possibly a different version of the Watch_Dogs app/remote play thing. The ease of use might make it the best option, but to me I'd think it was fairly negligible compared to the game running at full power with all of the bells and whistles.

Neonridr1649d ago

@McScroggz - if all you cared about was power and graphics, then why wouldn't you want to go with the PC version then? Since you seem to be all high and mighty on all the bells and whistles. Why would you want to short change yourself when you could have the best experience on the PC?

See what I did there? Nobody cares..

BosSSyndrome1649d ago

Would you rather open your restaurant in a city of 5000 hungry people, or 10000 hungry people?

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awesomeabe19981650d ago

It means great news for Wii U owners! We now have time and money to spend on great games like Pikmin 3, W101, LoZ: Wind Waker HD, Sonic Lost World, Super Mario 3D World, and other multiplats like CoD: Ghosts! Plus other early 2014 releases like DKC: Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8!

alphaomega881650d ago

Agree with this completely...I don't know how anyone keeps up with all the games on these systems just on price of buying these games alone(let alone time required to play them), because even with Watch Dogs moved up I can find at least two games a month for Wii U, Batman and Sonic this month, COD, ACIV, Mario, Wii Sports and Fit, Deus Ex, Sonic and Mario, etc, with DKC, Watch Dogs, and MK8 all looking like before April...

Who has the time to complain about lack of games, let alone play them all? Oh yea, and there are all those indie titles too...

maximus19851650d ago


Yep1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

You need a girlfriend. Or at least friends. Anything that will stop you from spending your time on here like this.

for we are many1650d ago

You know, the Wii U version might validate its existence if it uses the gamepad features and interface to enhance the gameplay experience, especially given the nature of Sleeping Dogs' gameplay and the central mechanic behind it. And if I only am concerned about graphics, then it's definitely PC version for me. But a ps4/x1 version will lack the Wii U-specific features as well as the graphics, performance and mod-ability of the PC version.

This has been the idea behind my strategy going forward in this gen: Wii U + PC(Steam)= Best fun exclusives and innovation + best graphics, performance and mod-ability.
I simply have no place for ps4/x1 at this time, especially when you also factor handhelds(mostly 3DS) into the equation.
I might buy ps4/x1 in a few years if they produce fun exclusives that interest me and if I finish my backlog of games by that time(it doesn't help that ps4/x1 are NOT backward compatible!)