Gamedaily: Samba de Amigo Preview - Another Dreamcast favorite makes a maraca-shaking comeback

Gamedaily writes: "When Sonic Team's Samba de Amigo debuted on the Sega Dreamcast back in 1999, it became an instant favorite. Not only is it a sweet game, but you also played it with exclusive maraca controllers, which still fetch a high price on eBay. However, those looking for a more affordable version of the game won't have to wait long, as Samba will hit the Nintendo Wii later this summer.

Handling development for Samba's port on the Wii is Gearbox Software, the same studio behind Ubisoft's serious-as-a-heart-attack Brothers In Arms games. It seems like an awkward choice, rather than relying on the original Sonic Team. However, Gearbox looks like it's up to the task, if early in-game footage shows any indication."

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