The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 – Faith Review | Metal Arcade

Metal Arcade: Jason Bakker writes:

Telltale Games received an enormous amount of praise, including numerous Game Of The Year awards, for last year’s The Walking Dead. While we eagerly wait for Season Two of that highly-regarded series, Telltale has released The Wolf Among Us – based on the comic Fables. The two game series share a very similar cel-shaded art style, as well as nearly identical controls and “choice and consequences” gameplay. But The Wolf Among Us establishes its own unique tone in its first episode, “Faith”, via its 1980s aesthetic and musical score, while noticeably ramping up the action as compared to its predecessor. In just one episode, this new series has managed to completely enthrall me – Telltale’s focus on creating three-dimensional characters and creating emotional ties once again makes for an engaging experience.

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