Microsoft greenlights unscripted soccer show for Xbox - Report

"Every Street United" will span eight 30-minute episodes and profile local street soccer players, according to new report.

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christocolus1766d ago

ms seems to be going all out this time.the xbox one is actually proving to be an all in one box...the console has something for everyone..hard core and casual gamers ,sports lovers and workout junkies , tv fans even gamers with a passion for game development...while a few may downplay the tv aspects i strongly believe in its potential to attract new users to the console,especially in the states.....cant wait to see the halo show produced by stephen spielberg though.

malokevi1766d ago

I'm buying the Xbox One so that I can get my reality tv fix.

Yo, check that.

JokesOnYou1765d ago

Well like most shows it depends on the actual talent and production value, done properly this could be interesting to follow but I'll know after the 1st episode.

Bill_Willson_CIA1766d ago

Remember when 360 had great exclusives jrpg like Lost odissey and blue dragon? when they had ninja gaiden exclusive on xbox? after that,they transformed the 360 in a 'murica shooter box with shakeyourhandslikearetard kinect....

History will repeat itself.......

Mystogan1765d ago

that's what you hope will happen, So desperate...

Forget about the past. Both have had their ups and downs. That does not automatically define the future of the next generation.

blackstrr4111765d ago

Remember when Final Fantasy and Metal Gear were exclusive. Ha. Sony lost the best exclusives to microsoft

PixelNinja1766d ago

Nice to see that they're aiming at key video game target audiences; The FIFA audience.
It would be nice to have an update on the Halo series though. I also hope MS will do some TV adaptions of more games as well. I mean, they have some IP's around that the company might not want to touch because:
1. The company of the designated idea is busy.
2. Needs to revitalize a IP before being brought back to a game setting.

It's also be pretty great for fans of game series that haven't been around in a while to get an update on one of their favorite game universes.

christocolus1766d ago

imagine a gears of war and halo animated series...or even a series based on remedys alan wake.they could get licenses from some third party devs to turn their ips into tv shows...silent hill, mgs even splinter could even do stuff for the kids with rares ips..i know kids would love banjoe and conker tv shows if done needs to play it smart cos this has huge potential.

obelix011765d ago

I heard they are working on a Gears of war movie or it might have been a animated series. I remember hearing something about it awhile ago.

Viking_Socrates1765d ago

Cool.......I guess? Besides playing it at Gym I hardly know anything about "futbal" so it seems to be appealing to the European theater. But if they announced a "football"/ "handegg" T.V show, we Americans would go crazy.

Not expecting much from Steven Spielberg, his T.V films/shows are sub-par to peasant tier (from what I've seen, feel free to correct me) and I highly doubt he is going to take this role seriously, since he already holds a pretty negative opinion of video games as a interesting story telling narrative. Perhaps he'll surprise me and produce something awe inspiring but I don't hold high hopes for the Halo T.V show.

Honestly I expect a big budget insane visual fess with a mediocre story-line and mildly convincing acting, but I could be proven wrong.