Activist: Congress Going After Violent Games is 'Virtual Gun Control'

Owen Good: Considering how violent video games have been scapegoated by gun-rights hardliners, this defense seems to come from an unusual source. But a man who sued the District of Columbia—and won—over a handgun ban says lawmakers scapegoat video games because they can't win on the gun debate.

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360ICE1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Somehow 'Virtual Gun Control' makes it seem better than it is. All for gun control, but there is little evidence to suggest a link between violent video games and actual violence, so not for 'Virtual gun control'.

PoSTedUP1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

crime rates in california of every form of crime started to drop eveey year Since the year GTA sanandreas released in NA, even as the population continued to increase. this is a fact.(that this happened). and im pretty sure for NY as well bc i was hearing our crime rates were dropping at the same time as LAs acrime.htm

im not for gun control. i keep my mossbergh m590 under my mattess for protection because i cant get a pistol license (thats enough gun control). if anything people should be psychiatricly* evaluated b4 owning a firearm imo, not just banning guns etc. innocent people need to proect themselves too and a shotgun isnt always the most convenient form of protection. i think a 45. is ideal plus i love going to the range.

360ICE1770d ago

Statistically speaking, you're less safe with a gun in your house. I'm not necessarily for a ban on handguns though. First and foremost on assault weapons.

Eonjay1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

My 60 year old mother is a MASTER Virtual marks-woman who can beat any mission with a hit ratio about 1.0. Yes that right, you heard me - a HIT RATIO ABOVE 1.0. Yet, shes never displayed homicidal tendencies... how can that be.

...Well, except for that one time we were walking in the park and she told me how she would position herself by a tree to take out someone coming over the hill... that was a little strange.


PoSTedUP1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

i guess when the statistics include drug dealers who have guns in their home (who are already involved in a bad scene) and parents who dont keep locks on them away from their kids or in obvious places etc. statistics maybe correct. but statistics arent going to stop or kill the dope addict breaking into my home for me, are they? heorin and synthetic heorin is the biggest thing on long island atm and pharmacys are getting shot up and houses are getting broken into left and right by these fiends.
banning assault rifles isnt going to stop people from getting their hands on them or on extended magazines. they banned them in NY (one of the few places) and if you look at statistics it didnt change a thing, ppl are still killing people with or without them (or should i say still With them And without them). banning guns in general may lower the murder rate but at the same time it will increase the deaths of innocents killed imo, bc who ever wants to kill with a gun can get their hands on any type of gun they want.

ifritAlkhemyst1770d ago

Can old people just die already? Seriously, they're the only ones that care about these so called issues. They bitch and they moan about congress but come next election I'm sure they'll just vote in some other Democrat or Republican.

ExPresident1770d ago

Define the "old people" your talking about. Pretty ironic statement considering a large portion of developers and publishers fall into the category you are probably describing.

RBlue_Desire1770d ago

You want my granny to die. :C How cruel of you, who will give me loads of love, money and food.

Though if you just meant old politician, yeah. why not.

LackTrue4K1770d ago

"Virtual Gun Control"

hahahahalhfalkhfhahaahlahalhl alahhahalhalalalahhahahahhaha.a ha.aha.ahha.aa.a.....ah.hah.aah ah.ahahha....ahah.a...(catches breath)

this a joke, right...?!?

hazardman1770d ago

Some crazy shit right there.

xabmol1770d ago

Virtual *people* control.

There is no such thing as gun control. Unless you're talking about Clint Eastwood's definition.

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