Preview: War Thunder (Console Monster)

Console Monster writes: "At this year's EuroGamer Expo I got the chance to play a game that I did not know all too much about, but it did certainly catch my eye. This was the free-to-play MMO game - War Thunder - for the PlayStation 4 console. You may have heard of War Thunder before, from the online PC version of the game that is currently in beta over at If you're in to seat-of-your-pants flying, against a vast number of online fly boys and girls, then you best sign-up for the beta now and take yourself to the skies!"

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Ares84HU1736d ago

So many free to play games. This means microtransactiongallore.

Not good, not good at all.

dcj05241736d ago

You must've played candy crush. Comeback when you've played a real f2p game like TF2 or S4 Leauge.

Ares84HU1735d ago

Candy Crush??? What is that??

What I meant was that I would rather pay $59.99 for a full game than get 20% of it for free and than paying for more stuff separately later on. This way, you'll pay way more than just $59.99 because they will justify the price of each "package" and people like you go along with it happily.

talhat21736d ago

Love this game on PC, looks just as good on the PS4. Can't wait so many games :D

Grave1736d ago

War Thunder is a great game and some of the packages are really worth getting if like the game. If not, you can play it for free until your heart's content. This game on PS4 only is actually a pretty big deal when you consider how popular it is right now on PC and what they plan to do with the game i.e. Air-Land-Sea battles galore!

theXtReMe11736d ago

My most anticipated launch title since watchdogs has been delayed. I just hope somebody makes a flight controller with force feedback for this game or we can use a PC one.

Bolts1736d ago

I'm amazed at how little console fanboys know about the very games they're anticipating. War Thunder is best played with a mouse and keyboard and more likely than not, be prepared to share the skies with PC pilots who have been playing and paying for months.

The PC War Thunder community is highly anticipating this game release on the PS4 and the turkey shoot that will ensue. Watch your six.

Grave1735d ago

Two words: prison rape