Amazon comments on ‘Watch Dogs’ PS4 bundle pre-orders, PS4s will be delivered

Amazon has issued a statement to those with a PS4 Watch Dogs bundle pre-ordered.

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deadfrag1803d ago

AC4 bundle incoming for PS4 get my words!

Destrania1803d ago

At least people will get their PS4's on launch day.

black0o1803d ago

and that's what matters ... any news about the xbone bundles?

Campy da Camper1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Amen brother. I cannot imagine the sick stomach feeling I or anyone would have if they were told the console would not be delivered due to this. No gamer, whether Nintendo fan, Sony fan or micro fan should have to deal with that.

305LoneWolf1803d ago

That's smart for Amazon. At least ppl who preordered their ps4 will still get it on launch day.
It's just that ppl gonna settle for another game like AC4, KZ:SF, or Knack..

GentlemenRUs1803d ago

Oh but they don't get the game then or another one...

Amazon better discount the prices for those people getting the bundle without the game then...

cellur1111803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Why wouldn't amazon discount the prices, that would cause a lot of backlash if they didn't.

Mikelarry1803d ago

obviously the ps4 will still be delivered amazon. it wasnt the ps4 that was delayed now was it. they would just have to offer another games for the bundle or decrease the price.

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The story is too old to be commented.