Why You Should Never Trust a “Red Whatever of Death” Report That Looks Like This

This morning reports surfaced showing a PS4 with its led line glowing red, alleging that it was an overheat-related malfunction similar to Xbox 360′s dreaded “red ring of death.” The report was immediately debunked by SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, who said that it’s “not true” over Twitter, even if he did not specify in which way.

That said, whether the picture is simply a fake or not, the whole hoopla teaches an important lesson: consoles (both PS4 and Xbox One units) will break from here to their launch, and there's nothing to worry about.

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Mikelarry1682d ago

only fanboys got excited when this image surfaced without reading or researching the facts. its a man made product you are bound to see some fail its life so as long as its not a wide spread problem

Abriael1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Exactly, and demo units are put in the condition to fail even more than the average.

If you treat your console like the average shop/event clerk do with their demo consoles, you're a barbarian :D

darthv721682d ago

this is off topic but...that image just begs to be modified with the red light moving side to side like a cylon visor.

Mike134nl1682d ago

True and most importantly don't lock your ps4 in a small plastic box.

Chevalier1682d ago

To be fair to us game stores the displays are setup by Sony, MS and Nintendo and are their property. We just let them display them is all.

Enemy1682d ago

Was it not obvious when they named it Red Line of Death (Red Ring of Death, anyone?)

They have to try to stop the PS4 hypetrain somehow, even if it means fabricating a pathetic BS story. But I say it keep it coming. When all attempts at derailing the train have failed, it's the haters that end up breaking down. Not us.

jmac531682d ago

@stevehyphen Exactly. It cost MS a billion dollars because of the whole red ring fiasco. Both will definetly play it safe this time around.

ShinMaster1682d ago

Technically, there is NO "Red Light of Death" yet.

That PS4 never really died. It started back up normally.

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malokevi1682d ago

Definitely. No need to raise any alarm bells quite yet.

But, I have heard a lot about the PS4 and it's heat issues lately. internal PSU, small chassis, and power-hungry RAM don't make me feel comfortable.

Needless to say, I have justified concerns. If my Day-1 PS4 goes belly up, you can rest assured that the irony will NOT be lost on me.

RadioActiveTwinky1682d ago

Where are people getting that the PS4 RAM is "Power Hungry" It actually uses less voltage/power.

Mikelarry1682d ago

@ malokevi

if you are that concerned may i suggest you wait and see how the launch consoles performs then make your purchase (this is not a sarcastic reply)

Abriael1682d ago

What you're "hearing" are pretty laughable rumors based on nothing. The power consumption of the PS4 is quite low.

Those concerns are as justified just as much as your concerns about being hit by lightning when walking out of your house.

Hicken1682d ago

Who have you heard these things from?

malokevi1682d ago

lol no worries mike, definitely a reasonable suggestion. If only I was so patient.

I'm going to put my faith in luck, build quality, and the warranty. Hell, I got lucky with my launch Xbox360, by casino standards I'm on a roll!

XB1_PS41682d ago

@RadioActiveTwinky There is an increase in power consumption, but it's insignificant.

malokevi1682d ago

"Who have you heard these things from? "

Do I have to hear them from anybody?

The PS4 has a small chasis compared to most consoles and considering its power.

the PS4 has an internal power supply... am I right?

A cursory search will reveal that GDDR5 eats up at least as much power as DDR3, if not more.

So, comparatively, I think there is some cause for concern. Not to say that I have any idea how it will all unfold... but I like to take a realistic approach.


staticdash221682d ago

Link? Articles? Hands on impressions validated by journalists? Credibility of these sources? Sites?
"I have been hearing"

Once you bring that into account, you better some cold hard evidence, otherwise it's a stealth troll like they do on GAF. I'm going to cancel my imaginary pre oder that never existed lmao.

Kayant1682d ago

Hmmm.... Sony is a hardware company and looking at the fail rate of the ps3 I don't see why there's much of a concern.

Also based on the fcc report it runs between 5-35°C vs PS3's 45-55°C

torchic1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

so i.e. those "things you heard" are things you just made up in your head? very disingenuous to say that you "heard things" when in actual fact you just surmised those conclusions from articles which generally talk about the individual technologies in the PS4.

I just want to add that Xbox 360 was the only console (that I can remember) which was plagued by failures. people shouldn't push their anxieties of that console onto others.

Thehyph1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Look at the boldness of the ps4's shape and size. I mean, for everything to be put in that form factor... there's been countless research hours put into the thing.

Microsoft, by hardware appearances alone, seemed to have gone a safe and conservative route. No foul in that.

Sony is banking on PS4 a lot harder than Microsoft is on Xbox One, too. SCE would probably be in a dangerous state if a hardware failure happened.

I would wager that because "RRoD" happened before, both companies kept it in their heads during R&D.

Therefore, I see no harm in getting or recommending a launch window console this time around.

Edit: exactly what torchic said. Some people appear to be getting a paranoia because it happened to the 360. Don't be paranoid. Think of it as a wake up call to console hardware development.

You may even go so far to say that it's good to have happened and be over with. At least now the devs will be spending that much more time checking everything.

malokevi1682d ago


Lol. You need a journalist to confirm that the PS4 is small and has an internal power supply?

Only Americans.

scott1821682d ago

I guess the fact that there is a link to the FCC report to confirm it runs a lot cooler on average than the PS3 doesn't make you feel any better... It will be just fine.

Hicken1682d ago

" I have heard a lot about the PS4 and it's heat issues lately."

"Do I have to hear them from anybody?"

It's one or the other, troll.

You've supposedly heard a lot about these issues, but then you go on to essentially explain that what you've heard is based on some assumptions that actually go against documented fact(see Kayant's link).

Hey, maniacmayhem, where are you to call this guy out for his BS?

Funantic11682d ago

You should be concerned. On other sites people including techs are concerned about PS4 overheating. It has small fans in a small frame. They cut back expenses by using cheaper fans. The pictures you see in the pics are legit. People really hate to admit. I guess it hurts their feelings. So now a butthurt fan is in denial but other sites and people still know the truth. This is "why you should never trust" an article like this.

tiffac0081681d ago

^ Are you mental?

I'm sorry but if you put any computer hardware on an enclosed area without ventilation, it will cause the machine to overheat. That is basic common sense.

Using the pic and the red light report does not help your cause, especially when it proves that the heat detection of the PS4 works.

malokevi1681d ago

so many hurt feelings, lol. Bunch of non-responses. That's how I know I'm on the right track. Thanks for validating my beliefs, fellaz.

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DonFreezer1682d ago

Yeah And the for sure and hopefully votes the ps trolls gave the cboat nonsense was also only fanboys so shut your mouth.

Mikelarry1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

@ donfreezer

wow there keyboard warrior we were all having a mature discussion before you joined in. there was no need to tell me to shut my mouth it after all a discussion board you didn't like my comment that's what the disagree button is for

T21682d ago

Ya difference being cboat has an actual track record to stand on, you dont

Viking_Socrates1682d ago

So the moral of this story ladies and gentlemen is

let your console breath, it abhors plastic prisons.

Riderz13371682d ago

Did no one realize the picture was published online by a guy named Homer J. Simpson? I mean shit, who is his wife? Marge Simpson? This was a troll attempt from the beginning lol.

JuniorCE1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Well... Stupid xbot fanboy who did this... Where is the video? Makes me really upset... is that you can do this easily on Photoshop... By selecting the blue line, and then, change the level variation... that's it...

BallsEye1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Ow wait till there is an article with red-whatever about XO. It will be total change of attitudes. Here on n4g, there are articles approved that are based on a comment of a random guy on some forums saying "so I played dem battlefields 4 on dem xbox ones and it looks like sh!t 600p low res", slapped with a title "600p bad textures on XO BF4 CONFIRMED!" and the votes go "for sure".

You guys gotta realise n4g is not a real news site. It's totally community driven. If there would be Wii U fanboys all over the site like ps4 fanboys are now, everyday you'd read news about how amazing wiiu is, how awsome architecture it has and how it's games look better than anything else from competitors and you would see actually everyone agreeing. I'm suprised any positive XO articles and negative ps4 articles still slip in.

GentlemenRUs1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

And there had to be someone who would bring the famboy argument to the table...

BallsEye, Go home, You're drunk...

scott1821682d ago

It makes you wonder why so many people like Sony.... There has to be a reason. Maybe all the Sony fans in the world got together with a plot to take over N4G and make Xbone fans upset.

Mikelarry1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

i find it hilarious when i see comments about people saying "oh this site is going down" or this site is overun by *insert console of choice here*. if this site is that bad move on to another site that is less bias and never return. i am not being a dick just a food for thought.

BallsEye1682d ago


Probably because of PR. Sony did a lot of bullsh!t in the past (damn those fake gameplay demos with huds to confuse people!!!)and is always forgiven. MS do the same, never forgiven.


Здравствуйте! True, I actually am! But you gotta addmit it is happening on this site alllllll the time. I could probably go through articles right now and find somehting based on a random forum comment.


I'm having a blast reading those funny comments of funny people blindly following brands. It's hillarious what they come up with sometimes and it's even more hilarious that they believe in it!

scott1821682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Nice, I like the "Sony is easier to forgive" argument. I guess some companies just have that special something that makes you want to forgive them. Or maybe it's you that's saying all the bullsh!t, not Sony.

rainslacker1681d ago

Wondered how long it would take someone to pull the hypocrisy card. I'm impressed....4th comment down, this site is getting better.

How about you wait until it happens before you go off on a wild conspiracy rant that makes you look like an idiot.

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Pancit_Canton1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

It's called standby mode. PS2,PS3,Vita,PS4 and PC has a similar features that puts your system to idle mode temporary. Xbox 360 and Xbone has a features that puts your system to sleep permanently.

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