New NBA Live 14 Screenshot

EA just released a new screen featuring John Wall and Kyrie Irving

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NYC_Gamer1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I'm impressed by the screen because that looks exactly like John Wall

Bigpappy1766d ago

I never play games looking at still shots. I want to see some gameplay. They have a lot to prove. They should have already started.

iceman061766d ago

So true. It's been a while since LIVE had any issues looking the part. However, it was the gameplay that was the issue. Let's hope they get smart and just release some true gameplay footage. They already have a hill to climb and they are turning it into a mountain at this point without footage.

305LoneWolf1766d ago

Good screenshot, it looks just like john wall, now let's see what lebron looks like in the nba live 14 world

BigShotSmoov0071766d ago

Enough of the screenshots and actual gameplay footage would be nice.