You Can Now Pre-Order PS4 Titles on PSN

From AnalogHype: "With a month to go until the release of the PlayStation 4, Sony has begun to roll out the pre-orders for digital PS4 titles."

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ZodTheRipper1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

They should give us a small discount for preordering digitally already on a not released system ...since this basically binds you to the PS4 as you can't undo that preorder.

black0o1806d ago

image if watch_dogs was on that list .. drama!!

jwk941806d ago

You actually can get a discount this month. For every $50 you spend on PSN until the end of October, you get $10 back.

Lubu1806d ago

They have Knack and Warframe up for preorder. (Which is weird since Warframe is a F2P game). But I'm waiting for Killzone to be available.

Heisenburger1806d ago

If you are wanting, say Killzone day one digital. It would be one less thing to do before you start playing. Not that it would take long to add it to your cart.

Perhaps someone wants to put the money down while they have it.


Yeah, not really super exciting. Lol ;)

TechMech21806d ago

I am not buying a ps4 first, but instead an Xbox one, but personally, if I was getting a ps4, and getting a game as good as Shadowfall will be, then I'd get the ps4 and Shadowfall at midnight launch!